This Dog's Reaction To Her Favorite Toy Come To Life Is The Happiest Video On The Internet Right Now


It's that time of the year where the days seem to drag on a bit longer, and the cooler weather starts to give us the first chill of the winter blues.

But if you are having one of those moments right now and just need to smile, then leave it to this adorable dog to warm your heart.

YouTube user Ben Mesches uploaded a video where Jolene the dog meets her favorite toy after it comes to life on Thursday.

Gumby Love

Jolene clearly loves her Gumby toy and is seen snuggling up with him in her owner's living room. That's when someone walks in wearing a full body Gumby Halloween costume, and completely blows the mind of this pup.

After the initial shock of meeting her best friend in real life, the dog walks over and leaps into the arms of the alive Gumby toy. Starting off calm, the realness of what is happening must soak in and Jolene then looses it in excitement.

This dog has never been more happy, and it's so contagious.

Jolene the dog and lifesized Gumby are stealing the hearts of the Internet, and we predict that it will reach viral fame over the weekend.

Pure Bliss

The video has already been making its rounds on Facebook, so get ready to see it pop up in your News Feeds over the next few days.

Facebook Pages like Break uploaded the video on Friday afternoon, with it getting more than 174,000 views and more than 7,000 shares, which resulted in other pages like 5 Quad also sharing it as well.

The video is just a few short minutes, but the pure bliss that this dog has is just so touching. How could anyone resist sharing this video? For dog lovers, it's so much more heartwarming than funny cat videos.

This pup in paradise reminds us just how much our pets can be like us sometimes. Just imagine how you would react to meeting your idol or seeing some magic sorcery right before your very own eyes.

Now chances are, this dog can smell the human beneath the mask, but kudos for Jolene for making wearing a Gumby suit that much more worth it. Excuse us as we all go dressing up to please our pets.

Check out Jolene freaking out to her favorite Gumby toy come alive in the video clip below.

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