Roku once again proved why it is one of the most beloved TV systems in the market. While most of its competitors barely update their devices, especially after a year passes, Roku has announced yet another update to its smart TV system.

The Roku OS 7.5 introduces a slew of new, cool features, which are available even to the first generation Roku TVs released in 2014. This includes a new capability to pause a live broadcast for TVs with antenna attached. Dubbed as Live TV Pause, the feature can pause over-the-air TV for up to 90 minutes and has the capability to fast-forward to the point of the live broadcast. It is also capable of rewinding scenes covered by the 90-minute pause period.

In order to work, Live TV Pause requires a plugged-in USB drive. The operating system saves TV content while paused so it requires a location to store data. This particular aspect to the update highlights how it is allowing consumers who rely on antenna to enjoy the functionality that has been only recently available to DVR owners and streaming content subscribers.

The new Roku update is also bringing mobile private listening to its entire user base. This feature was previously available exclusively to select Roku devices. Owners of the latest Roku streaming stick, which was launched as part of Roku's aim to compete with streaming stick devices such as Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire, have also enjoyed this feature for some time.

"When using the latest version of the Roku mobile app (V3.6.0), Roku TV owners can now enjoy private listening via their mobile device while streaming," Roku said in a news release. "With this new feature, you can listen as loud as you like on your Roku TV while not disturbing others in the house."

A dedicated headphone icon is now found in the Roku app for iOS and Android devices. To use private listening, simply plug-in a headphone and listen to a loud TV to your heart's content without disturbing others at home.

The Roku OS 7.5 also includes other features such as screen mirroring as well as improved streaming performance and search experience, among others. The update has also fixed bugs such as display issues for certain models of Roku players.

The OS 7.5 update, which is available for free, began rolling out on Nov. 1 for supported Roku players and will continue next week as new Roku players hit the market. All Roku TV models, on the other hand, should begin receiving their updates starting next week. Roku expects to achieve 100 percent software update adoption before the holidays.

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