Lenovo is finally releasing the Phab 2 Pro into the wild, and to make sure the smartphone is ready to offer the AR experience, Google is playing up a couple of Tango apps that let users make the most out of the device and the technology it's packing in.

As a quick refresher, Tango brings AR overlays, accurate 3D space measuring, motion tracking and many others to the table. Needless to say, that set of capabilities opens up a ton of new possibilities, including but not limited to raising virtual pets and getting a preview of how furniture or decorations would look like in a room.

Now, Google highlighted a couple of these Tango apps in store, and here's a quick look at them.

For Measuring

With a straightforward name, Measure lets the user, well, measure objects with pinpoint accuracy, providing them with even the minutest details.

For Visualizing Furniture And Appliances

To get visual representations of furniture and appliances, there are four apps to choose from: WayfairView, Lowe's Vision, Homestyler Interior Design and iStaging.

For An AR Gaming Experience

Mobile gamers would be glad to know that there are a lot of AR titles that make use of Tango.

That said, players can set up endless domino courses with Domino World, shoot invading zombies with blast after blast of colors in Crayola Color Blaster, take down a fearsome dragon with a trusty slingshot in Slingshot Island and bring up an adorable, magical little pet in Raise.

More than those, users can also get a fix for their need for speed, as there's the Hot Wheel's Track Builder, Wild Wild Race and Car Racing.

For Educational Purposes

Phab 2 Pro owners can get to see prehistoric animals up close with Dinosaurs Among Us or the planets in the solar system with Solar Simulator.

For Overlaying AR Objects

More on the entertainment side of things, users can create AR environments with the sandbox game Woorld and start a business empire with Towers For Tango.

For Video Editing

With Spectra at hand, Phab 2 Pro users can turn videos into works of art thanks to a slew of 3D filters.

Phab 2 Pro: The Tango Phone

Announced at CES 2016, the Phab 2 Pro isn't exactly a powerhouse, and it falls somewhere in the midrange smartphone line. Of course, it's nevertheless a game changer because of Tango.

Covering the core specs really quick, it sports a 6.4-inch 2.5D display with a 1,440 x 2,560 resolution, and to run things, it houses a Snapdragon 652 built for Tango and 4 GB of RAM.

There's also a fingerprint scanner in the mix, along with 64 GB of default storage that's expandable by up to 128 GB via a microSD card.

Keeping the lights on is a 4,050 mAh battery, and it supports fast charging.

Camera-wise, it has a 16-megapixel primary shooter that's loaded with a depth sensor and a motion-tracking sensor, which is also called fisheye. On the front, it has an 8-megapixel snapper.

For those who want to nab it, the Phab 2 Pro is available at Lenovo's website for $499.99.

The Bottom Line

To boil things down, the Phab 2 Pro is the world's first Tango smartphone, and it has a lot to bring to the table.

On that note, don't forget to check out the rest of the Tango apps at the Play Store.

What do you think of Lenovo's Tango-enabled Phab 2 Pro? Feel free to drop by our comments section below and let us know.

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