It's early November, and Samsung has just decided to release the October update for the Samsung Galaxy Note edge, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+. The update is designed to bring security improvements among other things to the line of Galaxy devices.

The firmware version is XXU3BPJ3 for the S6 Edge Plus, XXU4DPJH is for the Galaxy S6 Edge, while XXU4DPJD is for the T-Mobile version of the phone, according to the Inquisitor. The updates are currently being rolled out to unlocked smartphones in Europe and some parts of North America. Bear in mind that it might take some time before the update find its way to every device seeing as it is coming from over the air.

According to a report from GSM Arena, the size of the update is around 350 MB, which isn't too bad. We recommend downloading the October update over Wi-Fi for the sake of saving on data charges.

What Does The Updates Contain?

Not much to be honest. Security seems to be the main push here, but we're glad to see improvements to the battery life, improved performance due to efficient memory management and overall stability. We understand from the Dutch website, Galaxy Club, that the update also brings along some bug fixes and feature improvement.

The feature improvement aspect was not explained by the update's changelog. We view it as general features.

How To Get The Update

If the update is available, then a pop-up message should appear on your smartphone with instructions on how to grab the update. If not, travel to the Settings menu and then to Software Update and manually check for an update. The system will begin to make a search, and if there's one, it will pop-up and all you'd need to do, is accept.

That's quite easy, so no need to consider ripping your hair out. The update should make the phones a lot better, but not to mention, it should prepare these devices for Android 7.0 Nougat.

It's the next big Android release, and from what we have seen already, it's a blast to use. Version 7.1 even more so since it is the version found on the Google Pixel.

Keep in mind, despite the S6 models of the Galaxy line of devices are set to get the new Android update, the newer models are likely the main focus right now. This means, users may have to wait until 2017 to get Nougat on their smartphones.

Do you have an old Nexus 5 laying around? Yes? Guess what, with just a little bit of effort, you could get Android Nougat 7.1 installed on the handset. It's the version found in the Google Pixel smartphones, so that's good.

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