Lifes been rough for the original God of Thunder in recent years. Thor Odinson first lost the ability to wield his hammer Mjolnir in Marvel's Original Sin event. Then he got his arm lopped off by Malekith, only for it to be replaced by a "Black Uro" prosthetic.

The bottom of a bottle has been Odinson's only comfort for a while now, but it looks like his era of self doubt and loathing is coming to an end. In Unworthy Thor #1 from Jason Aaron and Olivier Coipel, Odinson at long last embarks on a quest to become worthy of Mjolnir once more.

Spoilers for Unworthy Thor #1 below!

It should go without saying that the quest won't be easy. You see, Mjolnir has found a replacement for Odinson in the form of Jane Foster, who has been serving as the new Thor for a while now. That would seem to leave Odinson out of luck. He now wields the battle axe Jarnbjorn but is unable to fly or traverse the universe as he once did with Mjolnir in hand.

Thankfully, there's more than one Mjolnir floating around the Marvel universe. The Mjolnir from the now destroyed Ultimate Universe somehow survived the events of Marvel's Secret Wars, and Nick Fury (in his new role as the Watcher replacement The Unseen) knows where it is. 

Odinson's quest takes him to the location of Old Asgard, believing the hammer would fly there. But to his surprise, Old Asgard is completely gone, the entire realm seemingly having vanished. And Odinson's not the only one on the case. Beta Ray Bill is also on the scene. He knows where Old Asgard has been taken and offers Odinson his own hammer, Stormbreaker. 

It's here that things become more mysterious. The comic flashes forward a few months, with Odinson seemingly having found the location of Ultimate Mjolnir in some kind of prison. Every day he fights the same fight in an attempt to claim the hammer and prove his worth, only to be defeated by seemingly endless numbers. 

The exact nature of the prison Odinson finds himself in, the location of Asgard, what happened to Beta Ray Bill and more are all mysteries at this point. And what if Odinson does finally manage to make his way to Ultimate Mjolnir. Who's to say the hammer will accept him or find him worthy? Those questions will have to wait until issue #2. 

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