Niantic is bring new updates to Pokémon GO for iOS and Android that comes with some of the biggest game overhauls the game has seen for quite a while.

Though Niantic recently added Daily Bonuses to course-correct the game's waning popularity, along with the eventual comeback of the sought-after Pokémon GO tracker outside of San Francisco, a new addition might dent one of the most useful features in Pokémon GO.

Gym Leader Updates And Daily Bonuses

First off, Niantic announced that the update will now have a foolproof way of conquering an opposing gym upon knocking out its gym leader, briefly closing the gates to malicious strangers lying in wait to claim another trainer's defeated gym.

The daily bonuses Niantic promised earlier have also started to take effect, netting players extra bonuses for every Pokémon caught and for every PokéStop visit daily. There are also bonuses set in place for players who catch Pokémon and visit PokéStops for a straight week.

On a different note, when users defeat a gym, the Prestige that the gym leader loses will now be increased and the amount of Prestige gained by training at a gym has been lowered.

PokéStops Won't Work Above Certain Speeds

Niantic didn't stash this along with its release notes, but several players have still noticed that very much like Pokémon, PokéStops will also no longer work above certain speeds, even for passengers.

As a safety measure, the game previously disallowed drivers from playing Pokémon GO in transit if they were driving above a certain speed, but the game allowed passengers to continue playing provided that they can prove they aren't behind the wheel.

Users from the Pokémon GO subreddit have started reporting that collecting items from PokéStops no longer work in transit, irrespective of the vehicle's speed.

The string of updates Niantic released for Pokémon GO, including new egg icons and Eevee disappearing from the 10 km egg roster, have been deemed as placeholder additions in an attempt to assuage the growing frustration of players over the lack of a proper and functioning tracker.

Niantic's series of decisions have bogged the patience of many players since its initial release, and more people have been dropping out of the game because of it. The pullout of the tracker, blockage of jailbroken users, zero Pokémon sightings for passengers and now, the frustrating speed lock of PokéStops make it hard for many to find any reason to continue playing.

But the slow return of the tracker might sway players back, if Niantic follows its word. The speed locking is another conversation-ender, however.

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