Steve "Woz" Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, will be joining the University of Technology, Sydney as an adjunct professor.

Wozniak will become an integral part of the "Magic Lab" of the UTS, which is involved in the development of social robots, artificial intelligence, and autonomous cars, among other technological advancements.

The "Magic Lab" is formerly known as the Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory.

As part of the contract that he signed, Wozniak will be working with both students and staff of the university in IT and engineering not just in the "Magic Lab" but also in the School of Software and the Centre for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems.

Wozniak's functions will include two to three visits to UTS per year, the second trip of which will be happening in December. Wozniak will also be holding interactive telepresence sessions for student projects and research groups.

UTS students will also be allowed to have one-on-one interactive sessions with Wozniak through telepresence, but those sessions will depend on Wozniak's availability upon requests made by the students.

The contract of Wozniak with UTS is open-ended, with currently no fixed term.

"Wozniak constantly highlights the new possibilities for technology to change the world and enjoys sharing his insights and experiences," said Mary-Anne Williams, the associate dean of research and development of the faculty of engineering and information technology.

Mahya Poueinag, a doctorate student at the "Magic Lab" who is currently working on a thesis focusing on data mining, said that her meeting with Wozniak back in January actually "changed her life."

According to Poueinag, the meeting with Wozniak changed her dreams from just developing into a great person into desiring to make changes in the world.

Wozniak's appointment for a position in UTS is the first that he has accepted anywhere in the world. 

His appointment is also part of the ongoing movement of universities in Australia to lure big names in technology to work with them.

In April, the University of New South Wales was able to hire Google and Twitter entrepreneur Ori Allon as an adjunct professor.

"What we haven't had in Australia is what students at Harvard and MIT have access to," said Poueinag. "The people that had done something really powerful in the world."

Wozniak has shown intentions of moving to live in Australia since 2012, which was when he sent in his application to become a citizen of Australia.

Wozniak invented the first Apple computer with the late Steve Jobs in 1976 in a garage in Palo Alto, California.

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