The first batch of MacBook Pro 2016 laptops may already be prepared for shipment. Reports claim that Nov. 11 could be the soonest possible date these new Apple computers would arrive to customers.

People who preordered the MacBook Pro 2016 units with the Apple Retina Touch Bar display feature might have had their credit cards recently charged by Apple, suggesting that orders are now being processed and the shipment of units is already underway.

As Apple starts preparing its first batch of MacBook Pro 2016 shipments for both the 13- and 15-inch models with Touch Bar display, customers who placed an order on the day of, or a few days after, Apple's Hello Again event on Oct. 27 can expect to receive their respective laptops within the week, especially since Apple started charging credit cards on Monday.

The Cupertino company normally begins delivering orders as soon as it charges its customers' credit cards, so the status of orders for the new laptops may already indicate an expected date of arrival. As seen in the cases cited by Jordan Kahn of 9to5 Mac, delivery could take place as early as Nov. 11.

"Apple has started changing the status of several preorders from 'processing' to 'preparing for shipment,' which typically happens in the days before it ships and delivers orders to customers," writes Kahn.

MacBook Pro 2016: A Recap Of Features

The MacBook Pro 2016 is the revamped version of Apple's flagship laptop. The premium MacBook's most significant feature is the Touch Bar display found in both the 13- and 15-inch models.

The new Touch Bar is situated above the upper part of the keyboard and replaces the traditional Fn keys on older models.

The 2016 laptop line also features a power button capable of the Touch ID function, which allows users to unlock their device with their saved fingerprints, the same feature found in Apple's newer iPhone and iPad gadgets.

Although the latest MacBook Pro models come with cool new features, Apple still received criticism from the public mostly because of the company's unbelievably expensive pricing of the MacBook Pro 2016 as compared to previous versions, with the only significant differences being the Touch Bar display and Touch ID power button.

The basic 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016 model without the Touch Bar display is available for $1,499 whereas the model sporting this feature sells for $1,799. The bigger 15-inch MacBook Pro variant is available for a whopping $2,399.

The Impact Of The Backlash

On the one hand, consumers complain that the pricing of the MacBook Pro laptops with the Touch Bar display is only a gimmick of Apple. On the other, they complain about the omission of the USB-3 ports making way for USB-C ports. Despite all this, reports show that the public is still buying the latest variants.

The MacBook Pro 2016 laptops will hit Apple Stores by Nov. 15. Special deals for refurbished MacBook Pro and MacBook Air units from previous generations have also surfaced.

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