The NES Classic Edition is available now but, in an unsurprising turn, the console is becoming increasingly harder to find. Nintendo's totem of '80s nostalgia, compacted in a size barely larger than your palm, has already sold out, without even completing a full day of its release.

It's easy to see why. Critics adore it. It's a steal at $60 for being preloaded with 30 of some of the best NES titles during its era. It's an exact replica of the original console released 30 years ago but smaller. Despite the single drawback of the console — of having short controller cables — it's still expected to sell like hotcakes in the coming holiday season.

But like the Amiibo shortage last year, Nintendo might be in for another supply-and-demand problem with the NES Classic Edition. As soon as retail outlets stocked them on shelves, each unit began to sell rapidly. Several people are now selling it on eBay for extremely ludicrous markups, going around at prices which could easily net you a Wii U, something you might want to get before they disappear completely.

Regarding the scant NES Classic Edition systems in circulation because of widespread demand, Nintendo was quick to issue a reassurance that additional NES Classic Edition systems would filter in once throughout the holiday season. But that won't do for people itching to get their hands on the machine.

Here are a few places where you can potentially get a NES Classic Edition.

eBay (Beware!)

All right, we get it. You love the NES Classic Edition and you will do anything just to get your unit posthaste. But you might want to reconsider if you're firm on getting one from eBay. There, the prices for which people are offering the NES Classic Edition are impudently unscrupulous, and it'll injure your bank for something you could just wait out.


Amazon also began offering the NES Classic Edition on the same day of the console's release but, unfortunately, this too was a bust.

According to a tweet by Amazon Video Games, it's currently out of NES Classic Edition units but promised to announce if they stock up on more in the future. You might want to keep on the lookout once Amazon begins restocking now that you have a concept of just how many people are trying to get their hands on this console.

Nintendo Store

For those who happen to be in New York City or live close by, there's a good chance that you can get the NES Classic Edition from the Nintendo Store in Rockefeller because when it comes to restocking they'll surely be the first to offer additional units once they're available.

The shortage might take a while, but there's no need to fret. Nintendo's retro console is most definitely not advertised as rare, all things considered. It most likely underestimated the demand for these machines and produced a short supply to ward off production costs. They know people want it, and they are surely scrambling to make more just in time for the holiday season.

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