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NES Classic Edition Outsold PlayStation 4 And Xbox One In June: Report

The NES Classic Edition was the best-selling console in June, topping all the major home consoles in the market. 'Mario Tennis Aces' was the best-selling game in the same period.

Video Games August 2, 2018

Commodore 64 Mini US Release Date Revealed: Will It Succeed Like The NES And SNES Classic Edition?

The Commodore 64 Mini will finally arrive to the United States in a few months. The retro console was inspired by Nintendo's NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition, but it remains to be seen how well it will do.

Video Games July 25, 2018

The NES Classic Edition Is Back: How To Finally Get Your Hands On One

An announcement from Nintendo confirmed the return of the NES Classic Edition. Consumers are advised to check with their local retailer or online to grab one before it runs out.

Video Games June 29, 2018

NES Classic Edition Returns On June 29: Is This Why There's No Nintendo Switch Virtual Console?

The NES Classic Edition will be back in stores on June 29. Nintendo kept its promise to restock the retro console, but is this part of the reason why there will be no Nintendo Switch Virtual Console?

Video Games May 14, 2018

SNES Classic Edition Teardown Reveals The Same Guts As The NES Classic Edition

The SNES Classic Edition has the same motherboard as the NES Classic Edition. The discovery carries some important implications, including the likelihood of an SNES Classic Edition hack in the near future.

Video Games September 27, 2017

The NES Classic Edition Returns Next Year: Is Nintendo Doing The Right Thing?

Nintendo announced that the NES Classic Edition will return to store shelves in the summer of 2018. This is great for gamers who were not able to purchase the retro console, but is it all good news?

Video Games September 12, 2017

We've Got Our First Look At Atari's New Console And It's Weird

We've finally got our first look at Atari's newest video game console, the Ataribox. The upcoming retro console will play both classic and modern games.

Video Games July 17, 2017

Why Does Nintendo Have Supply Shortages? It Just Gets Consumer Demand Wrong Sometimes

The NES Classic Edition getting canceled is one of the biggest flubs the gaming industry has ever seen. Here’s why things like that happen, according to Nintendo.

Video Games May 1, 2017

Nintendo Explains NES Classic Edition Discontinuation, Confirms 2.3 Million Units Were Sold

Nintendo has now revealed why it killed the NES Classic Edition. It also confirmed that 2.3 million units of it were sold, but of course, that number could have been more.

Video Games April 29, 2017

NES Classic Edition To Go Back On Sale At Best Buy On April 24

Best Buy will sell units of the NES Classic Edition on Monday, April 24, but stocks will be limited. Take note, as this is probably the last chance you can get it from a legit retail store.

Video Games April 24, 2017

Nintendo SNES Mini Coming This Year To Make Up For Discontinued NES Classic?

Nintendo officially discontinued the NES Classic, but it's reportedly preparing another treat for fans. The company apparently has an SNES Mini in the works, planning to launch it later this year.

Video Games April 20, 2017

Resale Price Of Discontinued NES Classic Edition On The Rise: See What You Did, Nintendo?

Resale prices of the NES Classic Edition skyrocketed after Nintendo announced that it is discontinuing the retro console. The average ending price for eBay auctions on the device is $325, which is over five times its retail price of $60.

Video Games April 17, 2017

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Discontinued, Last Shipment In April: Where To Buy One

Nintendo has announced that the NES Classic Edition is about to be discontinued, and the last shipment is coming this April. On that note, here's where to buy the elusive retro console.

Video Games April 15, 2017

NES Classic Edition Discontinued, Last Shipments This Month: Are You Serious, Nintendo?

Nintendo has decided to discontinue the highly demanded NES Classic Edition, with the last shipments to North America to arrive this month. What is the reason behind this mind-boggling move?

Video Games April 13, 2017

Nintendo NES Classic Edition And Nintendo Switch Limited Availability Are Frustrating Gamers: How And Where Can You Buy One

Where to buy the Nintendo Switch and NES Classic Edition? Here's a buying guide to help you purchase the consoles despite their limited availability.

Video Games April 8, 2017

You Can Play With The NES Classic Edition Using Nintendo Switch Controllers: Here’s How

With a simple firmware update, a third-party accessory can let users use their Nintendo Switch controllers, including the Joy-Con and Pro controllers, to play with the NES Classic Edition. That is, if you can find a NES Classic these days.

Video Games March 9, 2017

Hackers Transform NES Classic Edition Into Ultimate Emulation Device With Games From Other Retro Consoles

Hackers have been able to install RetroArch, a program used to emulate several retro consoles, into the NES Classic Edition. This allows it to run games for other classic devices such as the SNES, Sega Genesis and Game Boy.

Video Games February 11, 2017

Google Chrome For iOS Update Adds In-App QR And Barcode Scanner

Google has come out with an update to Chrome for iOS that turns it into a QR and Barcode scanner. With this, the need for installing third-party QR and Barcode scanners becomes almost negligible.

Apps/Software February 3, 2017

Nintendo NES Classic Edition: Company 'Working To Increase Production,' Apologizes For Product Shortages

Nintendo's CEO Tatsumi Kimishima has apologized to fans due to the shortage of the NES Classic Edition console. He has shared that the company is looking to ramp up production to fulfill market demand.

Video Games February 2, 2017

Nintendo NES Classic: Where To Buy The Elusive Console

The NES Classic Edition is out of stock on most stores in the United States and the UK. However, some retailers are offering the retro console and here's a look at where to purchase the device.

Gadgets January 30, 2017

GameStop Replenishes NES Classic Edition Stocks This Week: Get Yours Before They Are Sold Out Again!

GameStop announced that its retail stores will sell a limited number of NES Classic Edition units this week. Gamers should take this chance to buy the console, as Nintendo has not closed the gap between the device's demand and supply.

Video Games January 25, 2017

NES Classic Now Up For Sale At ThinkGeek, But You Have To Win It

ThinkGeek has come up with a 'game of chance' for the sale of the NES Classic Edition. With the lucky winners to be announced on Jan. 23, the excitement is at its peak.

Gadgets January 21, 2017

Nintendo Head Honcho Assures Switch Won't Repeat NES Classic Edition Supply Shortage, Addresses Backward Compatibility Concerns

It’s only logical to worry about the Switch’s availability, if the NES Classic Edition’s meager supply bears hints about the forthcoming console’s potential to suffer from the same shortage. Nintendo of America’s boss, however, says not to worry.

Video Games January 14, 2017

How To Hack Your Nintendo NES Classic: Here's A Quick Guide For Modders

Nintendo NES Classic owners have been raving about a new hack that allows them to add up to 90 games on the retro console. Here's the deal, modders.

Video Games January 9, 2017

Japanese NES Classic Edition Loaded Into A Game Boy: Famicom Mini Turns Into Famicom Pocket

Kei Studio has managed to cram the Famicom Mini system into a Game Boy, converting the home console into a handheld. The studio even uploaded a video to aid those who may want to have a crack at it themselves.

Video Games January 9, 2017

NES Classic Edition Hack Adds 30 More Games To The Mix: 'Mega Man,' 'Metal Gear,' And More

A hacker was able to add 30 more games to the NES Classic Edition’s stock library, bringing the total to 60 games. The system, however, is still mired by availability issues at present.

Video Games January 6, 2017

Is An SNES Classic Edition On The Way? Nintendo Trademark Hints At The NES Classic Edition Follow-Up

A trademark filing for an SNES controller hints that Nintendo is already working on the SNES Classic Edition. When will the follow-up to the NES Classic Edition likely to be released?

Video Games December 28, 2016

Old School Gamers Had A Good 2016: Here Are The Top Retro Video Game Stories Of The Year

The year 2016 was a great one for old school gamers. Among the top retro video game stories of 2016 are the ports of several popular games to modern platforms and the hype surrounding the NES Classic Edition.

Video Games December 26, 2016

No Luck In Buying The NES Classic Edition? Here's How You Can Build Your Own Mini NES

For gamers who have not been able to get their hands on the NES Classic Edition, there is a way to simply build your own. The build-your-own mini NES utilizes the Raspberry Pi 3 computer and the RetroPie operating system.

Video Games December 22, 2016

NES Classic Edition For Sale In Best Buy Stores Dec. 20: This Could Be Your Last Chance To Grab The Retro Console Before Christmas

Best Buy will have stocks of the NES Classic Edition for sale on Dec. 20 across over 1,000 stores in the United States. This could be the last chance to buy the retro console before Christmas rolls in.

Video Games December 19, 2016

Nintendo Sold Almost 200,000 NES Classic Edition Consoles In The US In November, And The Craze Is Not Yet Over

According to industry-tracker firm NPD Group, Nintendo has sold 196,000 units of the NES Classic Edition in November alone. As it patches its supply problem, can it sell more this December?

Video Games December 16, 2016

NES30 With Retro Receiver vs. Miniboss vs. GamePad Pro: Which NES Classic Edition Controller Solves The Short Wire Problem The Best?

The NES30 with Retro Receiver, the Miniboss, and the GamePad Pro. These three offer wireless alternatives that solve the NES Classic Edition’s short wire problem, but which of them is the best?

Video Games December 13, 2016

NES Classic Edition Availability: Nintendo Promises You'll Be Able To Buy The Retro Console Before Christmas

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé promised that gamers will be able to buy the NES Classic Edition before Christmas rolls around. Will the company be able to catch up with the demand for the retro console?

Video Games December 10, 2016

NES Classic Edition: Where To Find The Retro Nintendo Console? At Best Buy On Dec. 20

Best Buy will have limited stocks of the NES Classic Edition on Dec. 20, the retailer has confirmed. This may be the last chance to nab a unit in time for the holidays.

Video Games December 8, 2016

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Now Available At Toys R Us, Urban Outfitters To Follow Suit

The NES Classic Edition from Nintendo is now available for purchase from Toys R Us. The Nintendo console is also set to become available from retailer Urban Outfitters starting Dec. 6.

Gadgets December 6, 2016

NES Classic Edition Short Controller Wire Problem Is Solved By 8Bitdo's Retro Receiver, But It Costs A Pretty Penny

The common flaw found in Nintendo’s '80s flashback system, the NES Classic Edition, is its short controller cables. Fortunately, design studio 8Bitdo is offering a wireless solution albeit a pricey one.

Video Games December 1, 2016

The Best Games Fans Want To Play On Nintendo's SNES Classic Edition Console

The release of the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic has given fans another chance to relive the experience of playing games that were popular in the '90s. Should Nintendo release an SNES Classic Edition, what games would fans want to see?

Video Games November 24, 2016

Can't Find The NES Classic Edition? Here Are Some Alternatives To Consider For Retro Games

The NES Classic Edition is still in appallingly short supply due to overwhelming demand. If you can't wait for the NES Classic Edition, here are a few alternatives to quench your retro gaming thirst.

Video Games November 21, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016 For Gamers: NES Classic Edition, VR Headsets And More

With the holidays just around the corner, here is a quick gift guide for gamers. Suggestions include the elusive NES Classic Edition and virtual reality headsets, which come with varying capabilities and price tags.

Video Games November 21, 2016

NES Classic Edition: Walmart Will Run Flash Sales From Nov. 16 to Nov. 18

Walmart will run flash sales for the NES Classic Edition from Nov. 16. The miniature version of the 8-bit Nintendo NES includes one controller and 30 built-in games.

Video Games November 16, 2016

You Can Run Your Own Linux Kernel On The NES Classic Edition, But Should You?

A Japanese hacker proved that you can run your own Linux kernel on the NES Classic Edition. The question, however, is what would come next for the console after doing that.

Video Games November 14, 2016

NES Classic Edition Will Allow Players To Relive Old Glitches And Exploits: Here Are A Few Of Them To Try Out

The NES Classic Edition, being an emulator of old games, will allow players to relive the glitches and exploits of the past. Among the things that gamers can try is accessing the Minus World of 'Super Mario Bros.'

Video Games November 14, 2016

Snapchat Spectacles, Nintendo NES Classic Edition Are The Hottest Tech Products This Month, But You Can't Buy Them Yet

Snapchat or Snap Inc.'s Spectacles and Nintendo's NES Classic Edition are some of the most in-demand tech products to hit the shelves this month. Unfortunately, it'll take a while before you can buy them at reasonable prices again.

Gadgets November 14, 2016

NES Classic Edition Supply Shortage Is Frustrating For Gamers: Will The Nintendo Switch Have The Same Problem?

The NES Classic Edition has just launched, but gamers are already frustrated over the massive supply shortage for the $60 retro gaming console. Will the upcoming Nintendo Switch have the same problem?

Video Games November 12, 2016

Where To Buy The NES Classic Edition Now That It's Sold Out? Here Are Your Options

The NES Classic Edition is out now but - if you're like many people - you're likely having trouble finding one anywhere. Here are a few options to help you out.

Video Games November 11, 2016

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