We all need to get that awesome eight hours of sleep, but it can be an issue if we have a partner who snores in the middle of the night.

Having to wake up and poke someone to remove them from a snoring spell is probably not an easy thing to do, especially if this needs to be done several times per night.

Snoring usually happens to people who sleep on their backs. The moment they switch to the side or on their stomach, the snoring usually ends. If not, then chances are they have another problem that requires a doctor's attention. For those who only snore on their backs, there's a new anti-snore device currently in the works.

It's a wearable known as Anti-Snore, and it's all the rave on Kickstarter right now. It's designed to save non-snorers from having to wake up to stop someone else from snoring.

How Does The Anti-Snore Wearable Work?

It's quite simple. The user will need the wearable, a smartphone and the app, which can be downloaded via the Apple app store. Pair the wearable with the app, slap the Anti-Snore to one of the snorer's arms, then go ahead and get that awesome sleep. Now, when the user is sleeping, the Anti-Snore device is capable of telling when the user is snoring. when this happens, the device vibrates, which basically alerts the user to what is going on.

All the user needs to do is turn on his or her side to end the snoring, and chances are the Anti-Snore wearable won't have to vibrate again.

"The Anti-Snore Wearable is linked with our free Do I Snore smartphone app and offers insights to your sleep and snoring patterns," reads the device's Kickstarter page. "The app precisely identifies snoring sounds and sends a signal to the wearable making it vibrate. It only vibrates in light sleep and won't wake you up. The app automatically adjusts the vibrate schedule after a few nights to provide an optimized effect."

We should point out that the Anti-Snore does not have a microphone attached. The software uses the mic on the smartphone, which is why the device needs to be paired to the phone via Bluetooth. It also means the phone might need to be close by.

And If Someone Else Snores?

One thing we have to wonder, however, is what the Anti-Snore would do if someone else snored. The Kickstarter page did not explain this.

This is a great device to have considering a recent report that claims lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Furthermore, many folks shouldn't have a problem with this setup seeing as a study shows that one in three people checks their smartphone before going to bed.

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