Supermoons are regular occurrences as they occur several times a year. However, the supermoon of Nov. 14 is special as on Monday night the moon will be closest to the Earth since Jan. 26, 1948.

The event will be a treat to skygazers as such close proximity between the moon and the Earth will happen again after 18 years, on Nov. 25, 2034. Budding astronomers and skygazers will want to take advantage of the celestial event and capture an image of the supermoon in their cameras.

What Time To See The Supermoon

According to, the moon is expected to reach the peak of its full phase on Monday morning at 8:52 a.m. EST. However, the supermoon will appear full to casual observers in the day before and after the main event.

Choosing The Right Place To Take A Picture Of The Supermoon

David Murton, the president of Astronomical Society of Geelong, says that an east-facing beach would be a good vantage point.

"If people can get down to a beach facing east they may be able to see it," says Murton. "It will look bigger on the horizon due to refraction and will get smaller as it rises into the sky."

However, Bill Ingalls, a NASA photographer for more than 25 years, says that composition is the key to take a perfect supermoon picture. Ingalls says that the supermoon picture should have a landmark for reference.

"[T]hink of how to make the image creative - that means tying it into some land-based object," says Ingalls. "It can be a local landmark or anything to give your photo a sense of place."

Professionals will be ready with their high-tech DSLR cameras to take a picture of the supermoon. However, people can also take images of the supermoon with the camera of their smartphones.

Here Are Some Tips To Take Amazing Pictures Of The Biggest Moon In 70 Years With Your Smartphone

Clean the lens. Users should clean the smartphone camera's lens prior to taking an image as even a minute particle on the lens can degrade the quality of an image.

Avoid using filters. The use of filters may reduce the integrity and quality of the image taken. It is advisable not to use filters available on a smartphone when taking the supermoon's picture.

Keep your hands steady. Users should place their elbows on the ground so they are not shaky. People can also invest in a tripod and use it to take quality pictures from their smartphone.

Mind your framing. Ensure that the picture does not have any obstruction so that the supermoon is clearly visible in the image.

Deactivate the flash. Experts suggest that the flash of the smartphone should be switched off when snapping a picture of the supermoon.

Zoom out and crop. It is advisable to take a wider frame and then crop an image. Zooming in while taking an image can distort the quality of the snap.

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