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Super Worm Moon: What Is It And What Time Should You Look Up To See It

A Super Worm Moon will take place on Wednesday, where the moon will be slightly bigger and brighter than ordinary nights. Skywatchers should check the skies right after local sunsets on Wednesday and Thursday.

Space March 20, 2019

'Super Blood Wolf Moon' 101: What To Expect And How To Make The Most Of It

On Jan. 20, skywatchers in North America, South America, and Europe will witness a rare astronomical event called Super Blood Wolf Moon. During the event, the moon will turn red as it passes through the shadow of Earth.

Space January 4, 2019

Supermoon Solar Eclipse On Friday The 13th Is ‘Bad Luck’ For Most People

There will be a supermoon on Friday the 13th, the first time since 1974. The day would make most people feel that they are unlucky but not because of any superstitious belief.

Space July 12, 2018

Supermoon, Blue Moon, And Lunar Eclipse Will Occur On The Same Day Next Week

Next week is set to be an interesting week for the moon. On Jan. 31, Wednesday, there will be a supermoon, blue moon, and total lunar eclipse all on the same day.

Space January 24, 2018

First Blue Moon Total Eclipse In More Than 150 Years Coming By End Of January

The night will be long for skywatchers on Jan. 31 with a Blue moon, a supermoon and total lunar eclipse happening in one night. This rare event is not to be missed so mark your calendars.

Space January 5, 2018

Quadrantids To Peak This Week: When To See The First Meteor Shower Of 2018

Astronomers forecasted 2018 to open with a display of the Quadrantids, an annual meteor shower peaking this week. When and where is the best time to view this celestial event?

Space January 3, 2018

Celestial Events 2018: New Year Brings Lunar Eclipses, Supermoons, Meteor Showers, And Bright Planets

Next year was announced to offer numerous celestial events. Highlighted sightings include a supermoon coinciding with a lunar eclipse in January, five bright planets appearing in July, and shooting stars in August.

Space December 30, 2017

Supermoon 2018 To Light Up The Sky On New Year's Day

The supermoon 2018 is expected to occur on Jan. 1, coinciding with New Year's Day. That gives skygazers more to look forward to than just fireworks.

Space December 29, 2017

Full Cold Moon: Fun Facts About The First And Only Supermoon Of 2017

The supermoon that was seen over the weekend is the last of its kind this year. Know why and when a moon is called a supermoon.

Earth/Environment December 4, 2017

Supermoon 2017: Here’s When You’ll See The Brightest Moon Of The Year

The only visible supermoon in 2017 will appear up the night sky this December. Supermoons don’t occur frequently, so for those who are planning to watch the event, here are important dates to remember.

Space November 29, 2017

Beaver Moon Illuminates Early November Night Skies

Be dazzled by the glorious Beaver moon this weekend, as it shines brightly. Know the best time to view it, as well as get a quick refresher about the many names of the moon.

Space November 4, 2017

Minimoon: How Skywatchers Can Observe June Full Moon

The June full moon, called the minimoon, can be observed in different parts of the United States and the world. What is a minimoon, what's it called in different cultures, and how does it differ from a supermoon?

Space May 30, 2017

Supermoon December 2016: When And What Time Should You Lookup To Catch Final Installment Of Supermoon Trifecta

Supermoon taking place on Dec. 13 will have the closest position of the moon to earth on its elliptical orbit. The event will also have a few more spatial events to coincide, including Geminid Meteor Shower and appearance of red giant star Aldebaran.

Space December 13, 2016

Large Fleet Of UFOs Leaving The Moon? Aliens May Be Protecting The Moon From Humans, Says Veteran Alien Hunter

The recent supermoon showed numerous blob-like objects moving away from the moon, trggering speculation that they are UFOs manned by aliens who are protecting their lunar base from humans.

Space November 23, 2016

UFOs Filmed Passing By November Supermoon [Video]

A supermoon watcher from Arizona captured a video of what he thinks are UFOs passing by the full moon on Saturday. Watch the video of the mysterious objects flying by the lunar disk.

Space November 15, 2016

When Is The Next Supermoon? Mark This Date On Your Calendar

The Nov. 14 supermoon has captured the fascination of stargazers all over the world. It's going to take another 18 years before the moon becomes that bright and massive again.

Space November 15, 2016

Supermoon 2016: Here Are The Best Photos Of The Supermoon Snapped Around The World

Earthlings armed with the right camera (even just smartphones) and blessed with clear skies have snapped up the most beautiful photos of the November supermoon.

Space November 14, 2016

How To See Supermoon November 2016: What Time Should You Look Up

The full moon on Monday will be the closest full moon not just in 2016 but in nearly 70 years. When is the best time to see the supermoon?

Space November 14, 2016

Supermooon November 2016: How To Take Amazing Pictures Of Biggest Moon In 70 Years With Your Smartphone

The Nov. 14 supermoon will be the biggest one in about 70 years. Here is how to take amazing pictures of the moon from your smartphone.

Space November 14, 2016

November Supermoon Will Be The Closest To Earth Until 2034

The year 2016 has three supermoons in its calendar, making the events not that special. However, the November supermoon will be the closest to Earth until 2034.

Earth/Environment November 4, 2016

Astronomy Enthusiasts Can Watch Out For Five Eclipses In 2016

Expect five lunar and solar eclipses in 2016, as well as another exciting total solar eclipse next year. But what are the defining features and differences among these spectacles in the sky?

Space January 25, 2016

Top Reasons To Look Up Into The Sky In 2016: Meteor Showers, Eclipses And Supermoon

Fans of astronomical events are in for a treat as 2016 is expected to be filled with a number of celestial spectacles the whole year round. From meteor showers to solar and lunar eclipses, these events are sure to give stargazers and meteor hunters something to look forward to.

Space December 29, 2015

Here Are The Top Ten Space Events And Discoveries Of 2015

From dazzling meteor showers to the discovery of an icy heart, the year 2015 has produced some of the most fascinating space breakthroughs mankind has ever found. Here we listed down the top 10 space discoveries of this year.

Space December 28, 2015

This Week In Space: Supermoons and Water On Mars And Google Doodles, Oh My!

From the Supermoon to water on Mars to what a hurricane looks like from the International Space Station, here's everything you need to know about what happened in space this week.

Space October 2, 2015

Once In a Supermoon, Here's How Twitter Shared The Super Blood Moon Eclipse

The twitterverse shares the once in a blood moon celestrial event via social media.

Feature September 28, 2015

Sunday Supermoon: Rare Super Blood Moon Event Won't Happen Again Until 2033

A supermoon total lunar eclipse is set to take place on Sunday evening, offering those in the Western hemisphere a spectacular view of the enormous blood-red moon. Here's how you can see it for yourself.

Space September 27, 2015

Lunar Eclipses Spawned Different Beliefs For Early Civilizations

At present, lunar eclipses are regarded as interesting cosmic event. In the early civilizations, this rare occurrence is almost always considered as a signal that something bad is about to happen.

Space September 21, 2015

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse To Occur On Sept. 27: What Makes This Celestial Event Special?

The supermoon eclipse that will happen later this month will not occur again until 2033. Some already fear this rare celestial event marks the start of terrible things based on a passage from the Bible.

September 19, 2015

Supermoon And Lunar Eclipse Will Wow Skywatchers On Sept. 27: What Time To Look Up

On Sept. 27, the moon will appear to be bigger and brighter and with a reddish tint during the rare supermoon lunar eclipse. After this year, the same phenomenon will happen again in 2033.

Space September 6, 2015

Supermoon On Saturday, Lunar Perigee On Sunday: What's The Difference And How To Watch

Space observers are in for a double delight before August 2015 closes. Supermoon and lunar perigee are set to illuminate the night skies and here's how to watch.

Space August 29, 2015

Blue Moon, Super Moon, Or Black Moon: The What And When About These Astronomical Delights

The Blue Moon is not typically blue but it is possible that the lunar disk would take a bluish hue when it happens. The Black Moon, on the other hand, has been tied with astrology and pagan religions.

August 1, 2015

Solar Eclipse Wows Skygazers In The Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands is a popular spot for astronomers because it offers great views of the sky. For the solar eclipse, the northern tip of the island offers the best seat.

Space March 20, 2015

Skywatchers In For Rare Treat With 'Black Supermoon' This Wednesday

The second supermoon of the year, a black supermoon is set to make an appearance Wednesday, a rare occurrence lining up events at the same time.

Space February 18, 2015

Missed watching final supermoon of 2014? Too bad. It was spectacular

Monday's supermoon, the last of the trio of supermoons this summer, did not disappoint spectators as evidence by beautiful photos of the lunar event shared on the internet.

Space September 11, 2014

Harvest Moon: Check out the best sights from around Twitter

The supermoon on Monday, September 8 was the last one of the year. Take a look at the best images captured on Twitter.

Internet Culture September 9, 2014

Supermoon 2014: Harvest full moon set for Monday night - what makes it super?

On 8 September, a supermoon will delight skywatchers as the last hurrah of a lunar hat trick.

Space September 9, 2014

Your guide to watching the Harvest supermoon

The last supermoon of the year arrives Sept. 8, when the moon reaches its closest point of its orbit to Earth. This time, it's a little more special, as it's also a harvest moon.

Internet Culture September 8, 2014

Supermoon 2014: Full Harvest Moon on Monday marks grand finale - When to watch

An astronomer from the Adler Planetarium in Chicago gave tips on how and when to best view the final cap of this summer's supermoons that will occur on Monday as well as hinted when photographers could take their best lunar shot.

Space September 8, 2014

Mars and other celestial dates in September

Many celestial events will occur in September this year, including the last supermoon on Sept. 8 and Sept. 9. Mars, Moon and Saturn will be visible very clearly in the sky during September.

Space September 2, 2014

Your guide to watching the Perseid Meteor Shower

The 2014 Perseid meteor shower has officially started and will peak early this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In honor of the occasion, Google has put up a new animated Doodle.

Internet Culture August 11, 2014

Sunday supermoon 2014: Rare lunar event may overshadow Perseid meteor shower

Annual Perseid meteor shower may have to take a back seat to another celestial phenomenon, experts say. Closer, brighter full moon may make meteors hard to see this year.

Space August 10, 2014

Supermoon Sunday: Are you ready for the celestial wonder this weekend?

A supermoon is coming on 10 August, promising to be the biggest and brightest of the events seen this year.

Space August 9, 2014

Don't miss the year's largest supermoon this weekend

Don't forget to look up at the night sky Sunday night just after sunset when the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year will rise and take position at center stage.

Internet Culture August 7, 2014

Perseid meteor shower peaks Aug. 11 and 13, Supermoon might spoil stargazing fun

The Perseid meteor shower is expected to peak August 11 and August 13. Stargazers may not be able to view the meteor shower due to the Aug. 10 supermoon.

Space August 4, 2014

Did you miss the supermoon over the weekend? Two more chances this year

If you missed the supermoon of July 12 then keep an eye on the sky on August 10 and September 9. Moon on August 10 will be closest to the Earth.

Space July 14, 2014

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