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The Sweetest Moon Of The Year: The Next Full Moon Is June's Sweet 'Strawberry Moon'

June's upcoming full moon is the sweet "strawberry moon." It is also called the "Honey moon," "LRO moon," "Mead moon," and even "Rose moon."

Feature | Science June 14, 2019

April's Full Pink Moon To Rise On Friday

April's full moon earned the moniker 'Pink Moon' not because it causes a rosy hue in the sky, but because it signals the appearance of pink spring flowers. The best time to catch the full moon will be at dawn.

Space April 17, 2019

Astronomer Says That The 'Blood Moon' Total Lunar Eclipse On July 27-28 Will Be The Longest This Century

A 'blood moon' total lunar eclipse in July 2018 is projected to be the longest this century. It will be long because there is both a full moon and a moon apogee happening simultaneously.

Space June 23, 2018

April Full Moon 2018: 'Pink Moon' To Appear In The Sky On April 29, Will You Watch It?

On Sunday, April 29, a 'pink' full moon will grace the night sky according to reports. The pink moon has been associated with flowers blooming, grass sprouting, and fish swimming upstream in the spring time.

Space April 28, 2018

First Full Moon Of March: Worm Moon Illuminates Thursday Night Sky

March will host two full moons: the Worm Moon and a Blue Moon. The Worm Moon, as it is called, illuminated the sky this time of the month when worms come out from the ground after winter.

Space March 3, 2018

Full Cold Moon: Fun Facts About The First And Only Supermoon Of 2017

The supermoon that was seen over the weekend is the last of its kind this year. Know why and when a moon is called a supermoon.

Earth/Environment December 4, 2017

Minimoon: How Skywatchers Can Observe June Full Moon

The June full moon, called the minimoon, can be observed in different parts of the United States and the world. What is a minimoon, what's it called in different cultures, and how does it differ from a supermoon?

Space May 30, 2017

Look Up: Skywatchers Await The ‘Flower Moon’ In Its Full Regal Bloom

Skywatchers are treated on May 10, Wednesday, with the May full moon, also known as the 'Flower Moon.' Learn about the origins and history of the Flower Moon and skywatching in the East Coast at this time.

Earth/Environment May 11, 2017

Supermooon November 2016: How To Take Amazing Pictures Of Biggest Moon In 70 Years With Your Smartphone

The Nov. 14 supermoon will be the biggest one in about 70 years. Here is how to take amazing pictures of the moon from your smartphone.

Space November 14, 2016

High Tide During Full Moon Can Trigger Big Earthquakes: Study

Nine of the 12 biggest earthquakes in recorded history occurred near or on days of full or new moon. How do lunar gravity and high tide trigger quakes?

Earth/Environment September 12, 2016

Full 'Buck' Moon Will Light Up The Sky Tonight

Residents in the United States can enjoy views of the 'Full Buck Moon' on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The name was given by Native Americans because it is the time when a buck deer gains a pair of new, fuzzy antlers.

Earth/Environment July 20, 2016

Full Moon Linked To Less Sleep In Children

The full moon can somehow affect children's sleep – but is it enough to back up ancient belief on the lunar phases' effects on human moods and actions?

Healthy Living/Wellness May 9, 2016

Did You See The Pink Moon? Don't Worry If You Didn't See Pink

Despite what its name suggests, April's 'pink moon' does not involve the natural satellite changing its color. It is known more for its unusually small size because it is when the moon is at its furthest point from Earth.

Space April 23, 2016

April's Pink Moon Set To Rise Thursday Night

Skywatchers expect to see the moon in a tint of pink on early April 22, but they might be disappointed. Native Americans only named the full moon of April as a "Pink Moon."

Animals April 21, 2016

How The Full Moon Affects Your Child's Activity Levels

Is lunacy especially among children truth or fiction? A new study on thousands of children around the world tells us that it might be true, but there's a caveat.

Life April 20, 2016

Supermoon And Lunar Eclipse Will Wow Skywatchers On Sept. 27: What Time To Look Up

On Sept. 27, the moon will appear to be bigger and brighter and with a reddish tint during the rare supermoon lunar eclipse. After this year, the same phenomenon will happen again in 2033.

Space September 6, 2015

Supertide Of Century Turns France's Mont Saint-Michel Into Island

Thousands of tourists gathered at the Mont Saint-Michel in France to witness the high tide of the century. The phenomenon is influenced by this week's solar eclipse and the full moon.

March 22, 2015

Supermoon 2014: Full Harvest Moon on Monday marks grand finale - When to watch

An astronomer from the Adler Planetarium in Chicago gave tips on how and when to best view the final cap of this summer's supermoons that will occur on Monday as well as hinted when photographers could take their best lunar shot.

Space September 8, 2014

Full moon awaits Friday the 13th: Will Jason Voorhees turn into a werewolf?

Friday the 13th will feature a full moon for the first time in 14 days. What is the fear?

Space June 13, 2014

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