When Rainbow Six Siege released in December of last year, it didn't immediately find its audience. Many reviews for the game listed it as average at best, and it seemed like by and large Rainbow Six Siege was destined to be overshadowed by bigger shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

A year later, however, Rainbow Six Siege appears to be alive and well.

Ubisoft recently reported that more players are playing the game now than when it launched almost a year ago, and stated that there are more than 10 million registered players across Rainbow Six Siege, The Division and The Crew.

That's all thanks to frequent balance and content updates on the part of Ubisoft, and it looks like those content updates will continue into the new year.

Another Year Of New Content For 'Rainbow Six Siege'

At an e-sport event for Rainbow Six Siege over the weekend, Ubisoft confirmed that the game will receive another year's worth of content updates.

What exactly does that mean? Details are still murky, but fans are assuming Rainbow Six Siege's 2017 will look similar to its 2016. Four content releases have dropped for the game over the past year, with the fourth arriving on November 17 in the form of Operation Red Crow.

Another "full year of content" seems to imply that fans can expect at least another four content drops. If the previous four are any model to go by, each drop will likely include a new map and two new operators.

New Ways To Play 'Rainbow Six Siege'

Each content drop has created new ways to play, as each operator added to the game sports new special abilities for players to experiment with. Its kept the game's competitive scene fresh, as have new maps for players to learn. Better yet, each piece of major new content added to the game is obtainable with in-game currency.

Maps are free for all players, but while you can spend real money to purchase new operators, players who play regularly and have saved up their credits can easily purchase new characters without spending a dime.

It seems Rainbow Six Siege's approach has worked well enough for Ubisoft to continue it for another year, which is something that doesn't happen for most games. Most major titles with DLC plans, especially shooters, see DLC released for roughly a year before fading into obscurity. It seems Ubisoft's strategy is keeping Rainbow Six Siege relevant for far longer, and that's something dedicated players will no doubt be happy about.

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