A new updated version of Costco's Black Friday 2016 ad scan has leaked, and this time, it includes the exact prices customers can expect to pay on almost all its holiday tech deals, including on the popular Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One S bundles. The original version of the ad only revealed the dollar amount off but not the original price the discount was to be subtracted from, and a handful of items, notably the Surface Pro 4 bundle, still remain that way.

Original Costco Black Friday Ad Omitted Prices

Earlier this month, we brought you the details on big box retailer Costco's 2016 Black Friday deals in the form of leaked pages of the company's then-upcoming ad scan for the Thanksgiving weekend sale. The ad scan was eventually released in its entirety by Costco, and the deals were published on the company's official website.

While it looked like there could be some great deals to be had for customers who shopped at Costco this Black Friday, it was impossible to tell how good they were due to one glaring omission: the final prices of the items available on discount. That's because Costco only published the details of the items on sale along with the savings by which the Black Friday discount would reduce their prices.

For example, an advertised product would be listed at "$50 Off" but without revealing the original price, so the obvious question for consumers was "$50 off what?" Our report suggested that Costco was most likely strategizing to see what its competitors such as Walmart and Best Buy had on offer before finalizing its own prices.

Newly Leaked Costco Black Friday Ad Includes Most Prices

Now, for almost all the products in Costco's Black Friday sale, we have the answers in the form of a newly leaked copy of the retailer's ad scan that now includes the actual final price to be charged in the holiday sale.

For example, the $50 off discount on the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One S bundles results in a final sale price of $279 for the PlayStation 4 Slim bundle including Uncharted 4 and an extra Dualshock 4 controller, and $239 for the Xbox One S bundle including the popular Minecraft game. The Dell XPS 13 Laptop, which was originally touted for $300 Off, now has a firm sale price of $1,299.

Surface Pro 4 Bundle Still Only Shows Discount

That leaves the curious case of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 bundle. That item still has no specific sale price revealed on the new flyer, keeping only the originally advertised discount of $250. Why Costco has chosen to still leave the final pricing off that and a handful of other items on the flyer, such as a Vizio sound bar, remains a mystery, and as the flyer is a leaked version, it is unclear whether the official version will include the final pricing. With only 10 days to go until Black Friday, however, we are sure to find out soon.

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