Comic fans have received a number of crossovers over the years, ranging from DC vs. Marvel to Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But this newly announced crossover event between the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and DC's Justice League may be one of the most exciting comic book crossovers of all time.

Yes, the teenagers with attitude are set to meet face-to-face with pop culture icons like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman thanks to an upcoming collaboration from DC Comics and Boom! Studios, whose recent Power Ranger comics have at long last done the franchise the justice it deserves.

Which is precisely why this crossover event is so exciting: there's major talent behind this project. Green Lantern Corps and Injustice: Gods Among Us comic writer Tom Taylor will be penning Justice League/ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, with the talented Stephen Byrne on art duties.

As for what the crossover series is about? According to the press release, something goes terribly wrong at the Power Rangers Command Center in Angel Grove, which causes a teleporter malfunction to warp Zack, the Black Ranger, into the DC comic universe.

DC is teasing that Zack and Batman may be the first characters from each group to meet, and while we are guessing the two super-teams will team up to defeat the forces of evil, we wouldn't be surprised if the two teams exchanged a few punches with one another as well. Fingers crossed for a Superman vs. Mega Zord fight.

"Everyone at BOOM! is thrilled to be part of an event of this magnitude," BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon says in a press release. "We have iconic characters meeting for the first time that are beloved the world over! Our imaginations have been racing since the moment this kicked off with our friends at DC and Saban Brands. Get ready ... this is one event that's not to be missed."

The event kicks off on Jan. 11 and will run for six issues, and couldn't come at a better time. Both teams will be seen in live-action films in 2017, with the Power Rangers film reboot releasing in March and Zack Snyder's Justice League arriving in November.

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