Snapchat Spectacles — sunglasses which are basically a Google Glass and GoPro hybrid — from Snap Inc. have been creating quite a stir since they were unveiled in September.

The video-recording sunglasses, which officially debuted in November, are on the wishlist of pretty much every tech junkie who wishes to capture their escapades when on-the-go.

Snapchat Spectacles have garnered so much popularity that the $129-glasses sold out quickly within four hours of being made available.

With everyone hankering for the Snapchat Spectacles, we give you some tips on where and how to buy the coveted glasses, which can record video snippets and save it automatically to one's Snapchat Memories.

Where To Look For Them? 

If you've been thinking of hopping on to the Snapchat Spectacles bandwagon and get a piece of the action, then the first step to procuring the sunglasses is to track down a Snapbot in your town.

That's right! Snap in only selling the Snapchat Spectacles via its yellow vending machine aka Snapbot. The camera-equipped sunglasses are not sold online officially or in physical stores.

So either you spot a Snapbot or dash all your dreams of getting your hands on one. Snap is only making a "limited number" of Snapchat Spectacles — enough reason for fans to travel and locate the Snapbot around the United States.

Where Can I Find A Snapbot?

You can try your luck looking for a Snapbot in California or Oklahoma. Remember each Snapbot stays put for a day.

So far the first Snapbot was located near the company's headquarters in Venice Beach on Nov. 10. The next one was spotted on Nov. 13 in Big Sur and the third one on Nov. 15 at Tulsa, Oklahoma.

How To Find A Snapbot? 

Tracking a Snapbot may not be an easy task but with the handy map on the Spectacles site in your hands, you can locate them easily.

Basically, this map will let you view the Snapbot's location. You can also download the Snapchat app to view the bot's location

On the app, navigate to Settings > Spectacles and click on the Learn more about Spectacles Here option on top. This link will open the Spectacles site. You simply scroll down and click on the Find a Bot option to see the map or the countdown timer.

The time alerts a user of the time remaining before the Snapbot's next destination is revealed.

How To Buy?

Once you locate the Snapbot, rush to the physical location, pray there is a short queue and they are still in stock (each machine can only hold 200 pairs of spectacles but supposedly get refilled). Just carry your credit or debit card to snag them for $129.99 plus taxes!

If you're lucky enough to get to a Snapbot, you can try the Snapchat Spectacles at the machine to see how they look, before purchasing them. Decide on the colors — teal, black or coral!

Buy From eBay Or Craiglist

The Snapchat Spectacles were also listed on eBay for sale. Before you get your hopes high, they were selling for $900 and are now sold out. However, there is hope that a new listing may appear soon.

Alternately, if you are willing to pay a premium for the device, you can check Craiglist which has several people offering the Snapchat Spectacles and asking to be contacted. One listing is in Tulsa, the other one in San Jose and lastly from Dallas. Be sure to verify the seller though.

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