Kanye West just had a meltdown on stage, blasting that Google, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and the radio lied to you.

A Sacramento concert ended shortly after beginning, as Kanye felt more like ranting rather than singing. Just three songs in, the star cut the concert short and ended the show with a 15-minute rant about lies, feelings, unfairness, the internet, the radio, fellow stars, aliens and more.

TheFader has a full transcript of Kanye's Sacramento show meltdown and it's a lot to take in.

Kanye West Meltdown

Beyonce hurt Kanye, Jay Z won't call him back, the radio lied, Facebook lied, Zuckerberg lied, Google lied, MTV played favorites, only iPhones are "originals," Obama failed to make America great — these are only a few topics Kanye West complained about.

Facebook And Google Lied

Following the U.S. presidential elections, Facebook went under fire for spreading fake news and misinforming the public, affecting the elections as a result and leading up to Donald Trump's win. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was compelled to make a lengthy statement regarding this matter, dismissing claims that fake news on Facebook had anything to do with the election results.

At the same time, Google also had some trouble fending off fake news, listing a fake website as the top result for searches on the final election numbers.

With this in mind, Kanye blasted that both Facebook and Google lied to you, and news misinformed people that Hillary Clinton was ahead of the race only to find out that Donald Trump has actually won the elections and became the president of the United States.

People Feel Like They Lost

Kanye said that many people feel like they lost, and that's because they were lied to.

"You might not like it, but they gotta hear it. I ain't here to massage you with a fake truth, telling you that Hillary gon' win over and over and over and then you wake up [and] you still can't believe it! You know why? Because you was lied to by Google. You was lied to by Mark Zuckerberg," ranted Kanye.

He went on to ask Zuckerberg if he'd call this time, if he's right this time. Earlier this year, Kanye asked Zuckerberg for $1 billion that he never got, so Kanye also ranted about this at the Sacramento concert on Saturday. He also said Zuckerberg promised he'd help back then, but he "went to look for aliens."

It remains to be seen whether Zuckerberg will answer this time or just chalk it down to yet another Kanye meltdown, as it's not the first time the rapper goes off like this.

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