Microsoft continues to aggressively push its Windows 10 OS and features, and the latest trick is a pop-up telling users that Edge is safer than Chrome and Firefox.

To say that Microsoft has heavily promoted Windows 10 would be a gross understatement. The company went above and beyond to push its latest operating system and harassed users with constant notifications, pop-ups, alerts and other nagware.

Not too long ago, Microsoft started pushing intrusive notifications alerting users that Google Chrome drained their device's battery life faster than the Microsoft Edge browser. In fact, Microsoft said that Edge was the best browser for battery life, but it didn't stop there.

Windows Tips

Earlier this month, Microsoft started a blatant Windows 10 promotion that urged Google Chrome users to switch to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft served these suggestions as Windows Tips notifications, but instead of getting tips on how to navigate the OS or use various features, Chrome users got Edge ads that Microsoft denied were ads.

Microsoft is now at it again, introducing a new Windows tip that now informs Chrome and Firefox users that Edge is safer. According to the pop-up, Edge can fend off 21 percent more socially engineered malware compared to its rivals, VentureBeat reports.

The new notification tip appears just above the Edge task bar icon and aims to convince more Windows 10 users to rely on Edge for their browsing needs. Still, Microsoft allows users to opt out of such notifications, at least in theory.

To turn this feature off, head over to Settings > System > Notifications and toggle off "Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows."

If this doesn't work, however, it wouldn't be the first time. There have been cases before when users disabled various Windows 10 features only to see Microsoft continue its aggressive push, ignoring their settings.

Microsoft Edge Push

Microsoft Edge is not among the most popular browsers currently in use, and not for lack of trying. Microsoft has constantly struggled to improve its browser and appeal to more users, promising to keep hackers at bay, preserve battery life and more, to no avail.

Other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera are still leading the charge and it remains to be seen whether this new Edge promotion will work out in its favor or in its detriment. Users tend to get frustrated by intrusive ads and aggressive promotions, so the end result could be opposite of what Microsoft's hoping for.

Have you tried out Microsoft Edge? If not, would such an ad promoting it as the safer option convince you to switch from Chrome or Firefox to Edge? Let us know in the comment section below.

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