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Microsoft Edge Will Feature An ‘Internet Explorer’ Mode For Loading Ancient Websites

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge is getting an Internet Explorer mode, which will make it easier to load websites that don’t support modern browsers. No idea when it might be released, though.

Microsoft May 7, 2019

Microsoft Releases First Preview Of Its Chromium-based Microsoft Browser

Early impressions say Chromium-based Edge performs better than Google Chrome on Windows 10. In the future, Microsoft might add Fluent Design tweaks and existing Edge features such as inking and setting aside tabs.

Apps/Software April 9, 2019

Microsoft’s Chromium Browser Might Support 4K Netflix Streaming

Right now, only Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 supports true 4K streaming on Netflix. But that could change soon with Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser, which will launch in beta soon.

Apps/Software April 3, 2019

Microsoft's Edge Mobile Browser Gets Built-In Tool That Fights Against Fake News

The new feature on Microsoft's mobile version of Edge now has a built-in fake news filter. Called NewsGuard, it warns users whether a news website it trustworthy or not.

Microsoft January 23, 2019

Former Microsoft Intern Joshua Bakita Claims Google May Have Deliberately Crippled Edge Browser

Bakita said that Google added a hidden code on YouTube videos causing Edge browser to use more energy. Google then started to advertise Chrome as having better energy performance when playing videos.

Internet December 20, 2018

Microsoft Reportedly Developing A New Web Browser Based On Chromium To Replace Edge

Microsoft Edge might soon be going away. The company is apparently developing a new web browser based on Chromium, and it might arrive as soon as the Windows 10 19H1 development cycle.

Microsoft December 4, 2018

Microsoft To Suggest Windows 10 Users To Stick With Edge When Downloading Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft tested a 'warning' when users try to install Firefox or Chrome on Windows 10. The prompt, which drew some backlash online, will be live in the October update of Windows 10.

Microsoft September 13, 2018

Microsoft Edge For iOS And Android Gets Built-In Ad Blocker

Ad blocking is finally coming to Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS. At the moment, Microsoft is testing the new feature with beta users, but a full, stable rollout is expected soon.

Apps/Software June 26, 2018

Microsoft Bing Visual Search Now Lets You Point Your Smartphone Camera At Something And Find It Online

Microsoft's answer to Google Lens is Bing visual search, and it allows users to snap a photo of something and look for it online. Here's how it works and what you can do with it.

Microsoft June 24, 2018

Stop Using Internet Explorer: Browser's Zero-Day Exploit Leaves Users Vulnerable To Malware

A security firm had found a serious flaw in Internet Explorer that made it vulnerable to a malware attack. The group behind the attack is delivering the double-kill vulnerability through Microsoft Office files on a global scale.

Apps/Software April 26, 2018

Microsoft Edge Browser Rolled Out To iPad And Android Tablets: Why Use It Over Safari And Chrome?

Microsoft has rolled out the Edge browser as a free download to iPads and Android tablets, a few months after launching the app on iPhones and Android smartphones. Why would users choose Edge over Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome?

Microsoft March 27, 2018

Microsoft Apparently Forcing Windows 10 Users To Open Edge Via Mail Links

Microsoft has done several steps in the past to convince people that its Edge browser is better than the others. Now, however, it’s basically forcing Edge onto Windows 10 users.

Microsoft March 17, 2018

Microsoft Rolls Out Edge Browser For iOS And Android With ‘Continue On PC’ Feature

Heads up, Android and iOS users: you can now try out Microsoft Edge on your smartphones. One of its features is Continue on PC, similar to Handoff and Continuity that's found on macOS and iOS.

Apps/Software December 3, 2017

Edge Gets New Features Via Windows 10 Fall Creators Update To Win Back Online Users

With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft is beefing up Edge with a ton of features such as Pinned Sites and true full screen browsing.

Apps/Software October 23, 2017

Microsoft Rolls Out Edge Browser Beta On iOS, Android To Regain Mobile Relevance

Microsoft has launched its Edge browser for iOS and Android, presumably as a way to keep its mobile efforts alive. It has also rebranded Arrow Launcher into Microsoft Launcher and has made it available on Android via preview.

Apps/Software October 8, 2017

New Windows Insider Build Includes Edge Improvements, Notifications, A Fix To DPI Issues, And More

Microsoft is preparing a new build of Windows Insider that will have several new features. Chief among them is the fix for high DPI displays and improvements to the Edge browser.

Microsoft July 8, 2017

Cortana Wants To Save You Money As You Shop

Online shopping can be a great way to save time and money, but Microsoft has unveiled a new feature that may make it even easier. Here's how Cortana aims to save shoppers money when they use the Edge browser.

Microsoft June 12, 2017

Microsoft Wants You To Use Edge, Adds PDF And Defender Features Via Latest Windows 10 Redstone 3 Build

Microsoft has now released the latest Windows 10 preview, carrying the build number 16188. The newest update brings along improvements to Edge’s baked-in PDF reader and enables Windows Defender Application Guard.

Microsoft May 4, 2017

Microsoft Edge Updates Will Be Available From Windows Store Once Redstone 3 Goes Live

Microsoft’s Edge will now be separate from the biannual Windows 10 updates. The Windows web browser will soon get more frequent updates from the Windows Store.

Microsoft May 3, 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update Release Date Confirmed For April 11: Top Features To Expect

Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows 10 Creators Update will officially start rolling out to consumers worldwide on April 11. The update will bring a slew of new features and improvements, so here's what to expect.

Microsoft March 30, 2017

Which Is The Safest Among Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox?

A study shows that Microsoft Edge is the safer browser to use for Windows 10 users. Read on to find out if this claim is true.

Internet January 29, 2017

Microsoft Says Windows 7 Is 'Outdated' And Unsafe, Promotes Successor Windows 10

In a latest statement, Microsoft is reminding users that time is running out for Windows 7. The company maintains that it is not only outdated, but it will no longer get security support beyond 2020.

Microsoft January 18, 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update May Bring Baked-In Ebook Store

Microsoft has apparently started testing a new ebook store for Windows 10, which would allow users to buy ebooks and read them in Microsoft Edge. The prospect is intriguing, but it remains to be seen whether it will actually reach the public.

Microsoft January 18, 2017

Microsoft Confirms Themes 'Coming Soon' For Windows 10, Both Free And Paid

Microsoft has officially declared themes are slated to go live on the Windows store. The feature would be available in the Creators Update for the 15007 build, due to release in April.

Microsoft January 13, 2017

Opera Neon Brings Drastic Changes To The Windows And Mac Browsing Experience

Opera has released a concept browser called Neon, which is quite astonishing both in its presentation and its sheer ambition. It is already available for download so you can try out the new design.

Internet January 13, 2017

Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15007: Cortana, Edge Improvements In Tow

Microsoft has now released the latest Windows 10 preview build for those enrolled in its Windows Insider program. Build 15007 contains improvements to Edge, Cortana, and a lot more changes.

Apps/Software January 13, 2017

Microsoft Also Thinks It May Have 'Went Too Far' With The Aggressive Windows 10 Upgrades: Users Not Alone

Several months after Microsoft has launched an aggressive push to get users to upgrade to Windows 10, one of the company's top executives admitted that the tactic, which severely aggravated users, was a mistake.

Microsoft December 23, 2016

Microsoft Edge Is Safer Than Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox, New Windows 10 Notification Claims

Microsoft added a new Windows 10 'tip,' this time targeting Chrome and Firefox users to urge them to switch to Edge. According to the new tip, Edge is safer than both Chrome and Firefox, fending off 21 percent more 'socially engineered malware.'

Microsoft November 21, 2016

331 Million Microsoft Internet Explorer, Edge Users Moved To Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox This Year

Microsoft browsers have lost an insane number of users, with millions abandoning them on a monthly basis. In October alone, the exodus included 40 million users who flocked to rival browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome.

Microsoft November 6, 2016

Upcoming Windows 10 Update Will Run Edge In Virtual Machine To Keep User Data Safe

Microsoft aims to make its Edge browser the safest tool for enterprise internet surfing, and it taps Windows Defender Application Guard for that. The feature allows virtual machine browsing, which comes with an unmatched level of online security.

Microsoft September 28, 2016

Microsoft Edge Users Are Safe From Hackers: Windows Defender Isolates Browsing Sessions To Keep Exploits At Bay

Microsoft announced a new security feature called Windows Defender Application Guard, which can keep Microsoft Edge locked away from the rest of the OS. Using virtualized containers, the feature would compromise system integrity even in case of an exploit.

Microsoft September 26, 2016

Best Browser For Battery Life? Still Edge, Says Microsoft, Claiming Superiority Over Firefox, Chrome And Opera [Video]

Microsoft scored a new win in the browser wars, at least according to its own tests. The company claims that its Edge browser with Windows 10 Anniversary Update beats Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera by far.

Internet September 15, 2016

Microsoft Will Pay You To Use The Windows 10 Edge Browser: Here Are The Details

Microsoft has rebranded Bing Rewards into Microsoft Rewards. Through the program, users receive points for using the Edge browser and the Bing search engine, with the points able to be converted into credits or vouchers.

Microsoft August 20, 2016

New Microsoft Bounty Program Offers Hefty Reward For Microsoft Edge Remote Code Execution (RCE) Find

Microsoft boosted its bug bounty initiative with an additional program. If you identified a remote code execution risk inside the Microsoft Edge, you might be able to cash in $15,000 from the company.

Microsoft August 6, 2016

Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: Which Browser Is Best For Windows 10 Battery Life?

Microsoft found that its Edge browser was the most energy- and power-efficient in a series of tests on a Surface Book compared with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Computers June 20, 2016

AdBlock And Adblock Plus Now Available For Microsoft Edge: So Long Ads!

AdBlock and Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge have turned up at the Windows Store. Currently, it's available only to preview users, but it's a positive sign that everyone will get it soon enough.

Apps/Software May 9, 2016

Windows 10 Now Installed On 300 Million Active Devices: Microsoft Reminds Users Free Upgrade Ends July 29

Through a post on the official Windows blog, it was revealed that Windows 10 has now been installed on 300 million active devices. The company is pushing for more users to upgrade to the operating system, as the free upgrade offer will last only until July 29.

Apps/Software May 7, 2016

Windows 10 Cortana Search Box Now Supports Only Bing And Edge

Microsoft wants you to use Bing and Edge more, cutting off third-party software support for the Cortana search box to protect the 'integrated search experience' in Windows 10.

Apps/Software April 29, 2016

Microsoft Edge Will Soon Automatically Stop Flash Content, Like Chrome And Safari

The Microsoft Edge browser, through the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, will automatically pause Flash content on webpages. The feature will follow the leads taken by Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browsers.

Apps/Software April 10, 2016

Microsoft Denies Edge Browser Will Come With Native Ad Blocker

Microsoft says it isn't going to block ads natively in the next version of the Edge browser. There's good reason to believe it too.

Internet April 2, 2016

Future Microsoft Edge Browser Version Will Have Baked-In Ad Blocker

Microsoft is gearing up to launch an ad-blocking feature into the next edition of the Edge browser. Could this finally make Microsoft Edge desirable?

Apps/Software March 31, 2016

Microsoft Developing Porting Tool So You Can Run Chrome Extensions In Edge Browser

Jabob Rossi, one of the engineers working on Microsoft Edge, announced through Twitter on Friday that they are currently working on a porting tool that would allow users to launch Chrome extensions using the new browser. However, only a select number of extensions would be made available for download for now the being.

Apps/Software March 21, 2016

Microsoft Introduces Edge Browser Extensions With Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14291

Microsoft has pushed out the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14291 for Windows Insider users. The update brings extensions for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Apps/Software March 19, 2016

Microsoft Edge And Internet Explorer Are Steadily Going Down, While Chrome Is Rising

Microsoft could lose its position as the top browser provider within a couple of months. New data showed that the company’s Edge and Internet Explorer are losing against Google Chrome, which will most likely hit the top spot as early as May.

Business March 2, 2016

Microsoft Edge Private Browsing Mode Saves User Browsing History: How To Get Rid Of Edge While You Can

Microsoft's Windows 10 browser Edge doesn't offer the kind of privacy users expect in its private browsing mode. A loophole in the program flags websites that were visited in that mode - a person smart enough to look for such information wouldn't have a hard time at all uncovering a user's private browsing history.

Apps/Software January 29, 2016

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