The Model X electric SUV of Tesla Motors is "fast and flawed," according to Consumer Reports.

The criticism against the vehicle comes after the magazine famously gave the Tesla Model S electric sedan a better-than-perfect score of 103 out of 100 last year.

What Does Consumer Reports Have To Say For The Tesla Model X?

Consumer Reports said that the rear doors of the Model X rise like wings, with the electric SUV featuring a canopy windshield similarly seen in fighter jets. The vehicle also has power front doors, and has the capability of parking itself.

"But beyond the brag-worthy magic, the all-wheel-drive Model X 90D largely disappoints," Consumer Reports said.

According to its review of the electric SUV, the rear doors of the vehicle are prone to pauses and stops, and with the seats in the second row unable to be folded, the capability of the Model X to carry cargo is limited.

In addition, while the big windshield is a nice characteristic, the tint is not dark enough to be able to protect against the brightness when the sun is out. The wind noise that the driver and passengers hear is also said to be excessive, and the ride is too choppy and firm for a vehicle that costs $110,000.

Not All Negative For The Tesla Model X

Not everything that Consumer Reports said about the Tesla Model X is bad though, as it praised the "warp-speed" thrust of the 5,400-pound vehicle that allows it to accelerate to 60 miles per hour in only 4.9 seconds. The 90-kWh battery of the test vehicle reached a range of 230 miles, and Consumer Reports said that the Model X turns corners with a feeling of it being more like a sports sedan rather than as an SUV.

The interior is also noted to be a striking one due to the minimalism in its its design. There is also a giant touch screen inside the vehicle that allows the driver to control most of its functions, and while the third-row seats seem to be made for children, the front seats are plush and roomy.

Consumer Reports Tesla Model X Recommendation

According to Consumer Reports, the complexity, compromised functionality and low initial reliability that it pointed out in its review of the vehicle tag the Tesla Model X as a vehicle for consumers looking to jump into the electric car space. While the electric SUV has many good points, it falls short in being a vehicle that can be recommended to consumers who are more attuned with electric vehicles.

Consumer Reports Learns From Model S Rating

Consumer Reports has since learned from its granting of a better-than-perfect score to the Tesla Model S P85D, a move that saw massive backlash from consumer and other publications.

After receiving criticism for the score that it gave on the electric sedan's performance, Consumer Reports then had a stunning turnaround of giving the Tesla Model S P85D a worse-than-average score for reliability.

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