'Cards Against Humanity' Received Over $100,000 In Donations To Celebrate Black Friday By Digging A Huge Hole


The people behind the popular party card game Cards Against Humanity pulled another stunt for Black Friday this year, continuing its streak of weird activities for the shopping holiday.

For Black Friday 2016, Cards Against Humanity dug a massive hole, while asking people to send in donations to keep the digging going.

Cards Against Humanity Holiday Hole

Cards Against Humanity launched a dedicated website for the activity, wherein users were able to watch as heavy machinery kept digging into a hole to make it bigger and deeper. The livestream of the digging was even presented in several camera angles, so that those who have nothing better to do than to watch a hole being dug can do so in various ways.

"The holidays are here, and everything in America is going really well. To celebrate Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity is digging a tremendous hole in the earth," the website stated, and it could not get any simpler than that.

For those wondering what the point of the Holiday Hole is, the FAQ of the website said that there is no deeper meaning or purpose to it. It is just simple a hole, and people who sent in their donations only made the heavy machinery dig even deeper.

The expression of throwing money into a pit, likened to holiday shopping and especially on Black Friday, was not lost in translation though.

The End Of The Holiday Hole

Cards Against Humanity said that it would keep digging as long as people kept sending in donations to keep the heavy machinery going. Donations started off with $5 buying three more seconds of digging time, but as the days went on, the number of seconds able to be purchased dwindled to 0.3 seconds per $1 donated by the early afternoon of Nov. 27.

The digging went on for days before finally ending on Nov. 27 at about 2:40 p.m. Eastern Time as the funds ran out. By the end of the digging of the Holiday Hole, the total raised amount was reported to be $100,573, which is a lot of money that was spent on a pointless hole.

The top donors were also listed on the Holiday Hole website, with Robert in Sunnyvale leading the pack with a donation of $1,750. The other top donations amounted to $1,003, $1,002, $1,001 and $977.

Cards Against Humanity's Black Friday Stunts

Back in 2014, Cards Against Humanity decided to sell people a box of poop for $6, an offer that was actually taken up by 30,000 customers.

The year after, Cards Against Humanity offered absolutely nothing in exchange for $5. The people behind the card game received more than $70,000, which they used for a variety of things such as a Roomba, a long bow of Legolas, a golden vibrating massager and custom armor, among many other things.

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