The iPad has ben Samsung's bugbear for a long time so far as the tablet market is concerned. However, that could all end. Not to be outdone by its long time rival Apple, Samsung is reportedly working on two premium AMOLED tablets to take on the new iPad mini and iPad Air.

While the world hasn't seen an AMOLED tablet from Samsung since the launch of Galaxy Tab 7.7, which hit the markets in the second half of 2011, Samsung's new tablets may be just what the company needs to grab valuable market share from its long time rival.

Initial reports from Korean media sources indicate that Samsung is indeed busy on developing two new tablets using AMOLED screens. The first tablet comes with a 10-inch screen while the second one will come with an 8-inch screen. The report also indicates that one of these premium tablets will be released at the same time as the much-awaited Galaxy S5.

AMOLED technology has been around for a while now and the new tablets will come with all the perks AMOLED has to offer. The new tablets will be brighter and sharper compared to similar LCD-equipped tablets. Due to the advantages of this type of screen, the new tablets will also be thinner and faster as well. In addition to the new tablets, Samsung has also used AMOLED displays in their Galaxy Round smartphone with stunning results.

"We were the first to commercialize AMOLED back in 2007. This year, we successfully produced 440 ppi high resolution AMOLED...we also launched the first curved AMOLED displays," said Samsung Display CEOI Kinam Kim.

While Korean media sites are abuzz with rumors and speculations about the new tablets, no official announcements from Samsung have been made. Given that the new tablets come in 8-inch and 10-inch form factors, it is plain to see that these new products will be meant to go head-to-head with Apple's recently released tablets. However, the upcoming showdown between Samsung's latest AMOLED based displays and Apple's current crop of Retina display-equipped tablets will have to wait until all the contenders have been released into the market. While Samsung is the current leader of mobile computing devices in terms of market share, Apple remains the company to beat in terms of sheer profitability.

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