128 GB Google Pixel XL On Verizon Gets Delayed: Shipping Date Now Moved To Nov. 26


Google and Verizon have underestimated the demand for the Google Pixel smartphones. Last month, preorders were already starting to get sold out and this week, the carrier has been telling those who purchased the Pixel XL 128 GB variant that they will have to wait for two more weeks.

128 GB Google Pixel XL: Delayed And Sold Out

Information about the shipment delay surfaced after users who were supposed to receive their Pixel XL on Nov. 11 began grumbling about a Verizon notification informing them of the additional delay.

The note, which came by way of an email, began with an upbeat statement according to Phone Arena.

"Looks like you have great taste," the letter said.

Verizon then proceeded, saying that the Pixel XL is quite popular; stocks have been wiped out. So, for some devices that should have shipped last Friday, the new delivery schedule is Nov. 26. There is no official word yet about the number of delayed shipments but, with the way things stand, the number is going to be bloody.

One will probably recall that Verizon had already delayed the 128 GB Pixel XL rollout for its retail stores to Nov. 18. To make matters worse, this same Pixel variant is also getting wiped out of Google Store and Best Buy websites. So there would be droves of empty-handed customers, frustrated about the entire affair.

Google Pixel XL Alternatives

At this point, it is safe to say that, unless a consumer is willing to wait, he or she will have to settle for the 128 GB Google Pixel or 32 GB Pixel XL. These devices are still available at Verizon as of this writing. The 128 GB Pixel XL is still up for purchase, but the listed delivery date is now Dec. 26.

Users should remember that, aside from the differences in screen size, resolution and battery capability, the Pixel and Pixel XL sport almost similar specifications. So it will not hurt to choose the smaller device. Some users may even find it to be more preferable than the 32 GB Pixel XL because both devices do not support expandable storage.

But if you are really in the market for a top-of-the-line Android mobile device, you can also take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or even the OnePlus 3. If you are amenable for a bit larger screen real estate, you could also go for the LG V20. On the iOS front, you only have the iPhone 6s Plus because the iPhone 7 Plus will also take several days to ship if you buy one today.

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