U.S. Cellular has disclosed that the Android Nougat update is now available to the LG G5. This came on the heels of similar rollout announcements for the device by Sprint and T-Mobile, respectively.

LG G5 owners should start receiving notifications that a firmware update is now available to their handsets. To avoid confusion, this Nougat build should be identified as version US99223A. The file size is more than 1.5 GB.

Interestingly, this is more than the 1.27 GB Nougat firmware that T-Mobile is pushing on its network. This may be attributed to the fact that carriers often include their own bloatware to the operating system.

Android 7.0 Update Installation

As is customary for this type of update rollout, coverage is not as widespread. Some users should be getting their notifications while others have to wait a few more days.

U.S. Cellular users may be assured that it is coming. But those who cannot wait can check if a manual update is possible. Just head to the Settings menu and let your device scan for any available software.

If no OTA firmware has reached your device, you can still head to LG's website and download the Nougat software build if it is available in your location. This will require you to install a USB driver on your PC so you can connect your phone and download the software via the LG Mobile Support Tool.

When installing the update regardless of whether it is manual or automatic, users have to make sure that they have full battery to prevent any installation interruption.

Nougat Features

Since the LG UX only offers cosmetic modifications to the Android 7.0 Nougat, the features are similar to handsets that will be updated with the same Android version. It should also be similar in appearance to what the LG V20 is rocking.

"Now you can switch between apps with a double tap, and run two apps side by side," Android stated as an example.

There is also the enhanced Doze power saving mode, which allows users to dramatically save battery by automatically going into low power mode if the device senses that it is inside a pocket or a purse.

Users will also notice new changes to the Notifications, particularly when taking action in the moment. This area now has more personalized settings, smarter notifications and the capability to send reply without opening the messaging app.

The Nougat firmware also ships with security patches as well as key performance and stability improvements.

U.S. Cellular's update further highlights the speed by which LG has developed the Nougat firmware for its flagship device, taking only 78 days to update the G5 on the Sprint network.

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