Samsung is offering Gear S2 owners an early Christmas treat with the staggered release of a Value Pack that will outfit their devices with Gear S3 features.

The firmware update, which weighs 133 MB, began rolling out Dec. 5 and should be available around the world in the next few days.

New Features And Improvements

Of course, the most notable change coming to the Gear S2 will involve interface aesthetics. Most importantly, the update unlocks the Gear S3 watch faces, which users can now download at the Galaxy Apps store.

The update also allows the Gear S2 more opportunities for personalization. For example, the device now has wider widget support, including those from third-party apps such as Uber and USA Today. This means users are able to use the quick access feature for their preferred apps.

Samsung has even improved the Gear S2's native apps. The Weather widget is a case in point. It now has a City Navigator function that provides multiple-city information in its daily forecasts. Even the S Health app now comes with Leaderboard and Challenge widgets.

More Games And Apps

Gear S2 users can now access more games in the Galaxy App Store. There are more than 100 titles available such as Monster Vampire and Stack. The wearable will also get a taste of native Gear S3 applications such as the Reminder app and Alti-Barometer.

Automatic Tracking

One of the most important features that Samsung has developed for its latest wearables involves the automatic tracking function. Using the biometric sensors, the device will pause tracking on its own if it senses that its wearer stopped an activity. This is useful for those inconvenienced by the need to tinker with controls in order to pause and resume tracking.

Now, Gear S2 owners will also enjoy this feature, which should ensure that they can proceed with an activity, leaving the smartwatch to do all its work in the background.

S Health Workout Modes

The S Health app will also now recognize new workout modes. In the past, it could only track repetitive activities. This time, however, more complex and high-intensity workouts will be recognized as part of the Other Workouts category.

Some observers believe that the availability of the Value Pack update for the Gear S2 is a sound strategy for Samsung. It will not only benefit existing Gear S2 owners but that it will also burnish the device's credential as an alternative to the Gear S3.

The latter has a bigger form factor and Samsung could very well sell the S2 to the segment who wants a smaller case real estate in their smartwatch.

The device is available in several retailers such as Amazon, where it is selling from $299 to $449.

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