Irrespective of its availability issues, the NES Classic Edition, for all intents and purposes, is increasingly becoming the choice retro device, which likely is a surprise for Nintendo in light of its very problematic supply and demand problem. Now that it has promised restocks of the console before Christmas, one problem now remains — the controller's short wire.

Fortunately, third-party manufacturers are more than up to the task, offering proprietary alternatives both wired and wireless that iron out the NES Classic Edition's wire problem, but which controller outstands the others? Let's take a look at three of the best alternatives: 8Bitdo's Retro Receiver, Nyko's Miniboss, and My Arcade's GamePad Pro.

NES30 With Retro Receiver

Design Studio 8Bitdo created the Retro Receiver, a Bluetooth dongle players can plug onto the NES Classic Edition and then wirelessly pair a NES Classic Controller to, which is included in the package.

On the controller sits a button that lets users access the console's homescreen, which is a minor but marvelous addition, since doing the same chore requires players to reach over and push the console's reset button.

A second Retro Receiver can also be attached, allowing wireless two-player gameplay. But that's not all, since all controllers made by 8Bitdo will also be compatible with the Retro Receiver, alongside DualShock controllers for the PS3 and PS4, with support for the Wiimote and the Wii U Pro controller. The Retro Receiver truly is the omnibus dongle, and its multi-controller compatibility adds more value on top of everything else.

The Retro Receiver, however, is priced steeply at $39.99. Included in the package is the NES30 Controller, the Retro Receiver dongle, and a USB cable.


Like the NES30 Controller that connects via the Retro Reciever, Nyko's Miniboss also comes with a similar dongle that offers wireless play for up to 30 feet. However, the controller, unlike the NES30, bears little to no resemblance to the NES Classic Controller. The pairing, at least visually, might be a tad anachronistic, but this is a minor issue, and at $24.99, the Miniboss stands as an excellent wireless NES Controller alternative.

The Miniboss doesn't offer the Retro Receiver's bells and whistles, but for NES Classic Edition owners looking to purchase a simple and fairly priced wireless solution, the Miniboss is faultless.

GamePad Pro

The GamePad Pro fuses the best features from the Retro Receiver and the Miniboss into one wireless controller. It's being offered at a startlingly low price compared with the other two. The GamePad Pro, made by My Arcade, can be preordered now on Amazon for $19.99. Similar with the Retro Receiver, the GamePad Pro features a home button for easy homescreen access, and the wireless controller itself offers 75 hours on two AAA batteries.

Its Bluetooth dongle allows wireless play for up to 30 feet, and the controller is even compatible with select Wii and Wii U games, functioning as a classic controller.


The GamePad Pro doesn't have multi-controller capability like the NES30 with Retro Receiver does, but at $19.99, it already solves the short wire problem to begin with, while also adding easy homescreen access, which, to be honest, are the only two problems the NES Classic Edition has. The GamePad Pro looks nowhere near the NES Classic Controller, but that's easily forgivable given its price.

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