If you have been hankering for what is one of the hottest tech products this season - the NES Classic Edition from Nintendo - and were disappointed when it got sold out, then you're in luck as Toys R Us and Urban Outfitters are now stocking the device.

Toys R Us stores in the United States now have the mini version of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System in stock. The NES Classic Edition hit the stores on Nov. 11 and sold out within minutes of being made available.

The demand for the device, which is priced at $59.99, is so high that the NES Classic Edition is being sold for exorbitant sums on the gray market. On Amazon, sellers are offering the device for more than $200.

Toys R Us stores in the United States will be selling the NES Classic Edition as part of its Big Christmas Sale, which kicked off on Sunday, Dec. 4 and will run till Saturday, Dec. 10.

"On Sunday, we're launching our Great Big Christmas Sale (Dec. 4 thru 10) and the catalog, which is arriving in homes in the coming days, features Hatchimals and NES. Our stores are receiving shipments of both holiday must-haves to support and we expect that when stores open at 8 a.m., they will sell very quickly," revealed a Toys R Us spokesperson to CNBC.

Toys R Us has limited the purchase of the device to one per person. The reason behind this cap is so that the product is not gray-marketed by people looking to make a quick buck by reselling the item for a higher price.

The retailer, however, has the NES Classic Edition in limited quantities and holiday shoppers will need to make a beeline for the device.

When Will Urban Outfitters Stock The Device?

In case one misses out on snagging the $60 console from Toys R Us in either its physical or online stores, there is another option: Urban Outfitters. The clothing brand is set to sell the NES Classic Edition starting Tuesday, Dec. 6.

 It's coming. The Nintendo NES Classic Edition will be available online Tuesday, 12/6! #UOTech #UOGifted

A photo posted by Urban Outfitters (@urbanoutfitters) on Dec 2, 2016 at 10:13am PST

However, it will only be retailing the product online via urbanoutfitters.com.

We are assuming that quantities will be limited as well, which means one will need to hurry. Unfortunately, Urban Outfitters has not disclosed what time the NES Classic Edition would become available for purchase on its site.

Update: The NES Classic Edition is listed as sold out on Toys R Us' online store.

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