Not everyone has the time or budget to keep up a gym membership, so having a fitness tracker, smart wearable device, or even simply a fitness application in your smartphone are all good ways to keep one's health in check.

Luckily, there are many available apps that offer basic to customized fitness plans and allow us to reach our goals.

Since it is already the middle of December, it means full holiday meals are in sight. This also means that, for some, renewing fitness resolutions that end up forgotten is also a possibility. So for anyone out there who wants to take control of their health, take a look at our list of best smartphone apps to get back on the fitness track or simply add more spice to your already fit and fab life.

Just as an added note, all the applications listed below are available on iOS and Android. All are also FREE but can be customized according to one's needs via in-app purchases.


Sworkit is a great fitness application for both beginners and busy people. What makes Sworkit great is that it offers workouts that are as short as 5 minutes, so anyone can really fit in a workout or two, even with a busy schedule.

It is really serious with its tagline "No gym, no excuse" because users can do short workouts even during their coffee breaks! All a user has to do is choose what type of workout they need at the moment — that includes stretching after sitting in front of the computer for hours — and the amount of time they have. A short workout may even be faster than finalizing dinner plans with family or friends, so there's nothing to lose but weight if you are vigilant.

Bonus: It is also available as a web app.

Nike+ Training Club

It may have been a wonder why Nike did not take the top spot in this category since it also offers a huge library of workouts for all fitness levels. But the simple answer is: time and equipment.

Nike offers many amazing workouts that would make you feel good after, but Tech Times would recommend this app more for those who really have time to get into the workout and burn those calories. It is a great app that can really motivate the user but not everyone can stick to the schedule, especially if there are busy times ahead. However, if you do have the luxury to set and stick to a schedule, the Nike+ Training Club is an excellent choice.


Freeletics is a great app if you are into high intensity workouts and almost nothing else. This app features a lot of exercises all focused on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that really get the blood pumping. Freeletics is already great in itself; however, users can also opt to pay for coaching services if the workouts are not intense enough, or if users simply want to ensure that they're doing the moves correctly.


Seven is an interesting concept for a fitness application because it treats both the user and the fitness experience as a game. The goal is to help the user get fit in seven months by working out for 7 minutes a day using nothing other than a wall, chair, and the user's own body.

However, just like any game, there is a catch. Users start out with three lives (indicated by the three hearts), and the user loses a life each time they miss a day of working out. Lose three in a month and it wipes out the entire progress, which means the user is back to seven months of working out.

Users can also pay a little extra for premium workouts in case they get bored with the free ones.

If you're ready to finally make that fitness resolution a reality, try the fitness apps we love now, and see which fits your personality and schedule best.

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