The epic battle between OnePlus 3T and the world or, well, the top Android flagships, has finally happened. The matchup, which included the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and the Google Pixel XL, was primarily aimed to determine the fastest among the bunch.

OnePlus 3T vs. Google Pixel XL vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The test was conducted by PhoneBuff, and to make things more systematic, they devised a course that has put the three handsets through their paces. It involved opening a series of applications, including a video editing software called VidTrim Pro. For this part, all phones were required to transcode the same video file, and the Pixel actually began to pull ahead by a fraction.

By the end of the first lap, the Galaxy S7 edge found itself trailing the Google Pixel and the OnePlus 3T by one app. The pair, however, is neck and neck, refusing to give each other any quarter. At this point, both phones have not claimed any definitive lead.

It was, however, clear during the second lap that OnePlus 3T will emerge the winner. It kept on zipping through the onslaught of apps being thrown at it without any hiccup whatsoever. The Pixel XL have nipped at its heel in some instances, but the OnePlus 3T was able to pull ahead, reaching the end with an impressive one minute and 53 seconds finish. The Pixel is more than one minute behind, while the Galaxy S7 edge managed to amble along in three minutes and 51 seconds.

OnePlus 3T Spec Advantage

From the beginning, it is clear that OnePlus 3T and the Pixel XL will dominate the race. Both devices are outfitted with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 mobile processor. In comparison, the Galaxy S7 edge only showed up with the strength of the Snapdragon 820 chip. It is also the oldest device in the matchup, having been released in the early part of 2016.

OnePlus 3T's overall advantage, however, has been leveraged by its insane 6 GB of RAM. Both the Pixel XL and the Galaxy S7 edge only offered 4 GB of RAM.

Is Smartphone Speed All That And More?

One can say that speed does not necessarily make OnePlus 3T the best phone of all. There are still other factors to consider such as the camera, an area that the Google Pixel is really good at. Then, then are those who could also be drawn to the curved edged display of the S7. But if your need for speed trounces all considerations, you have a clear winner in your hands.

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