The food trends of the approaching new year predict an inclination toward vegetarian comfort food, meat- free food, nourishing and fibrous soups, bush food, dairy-based products and many more.

Factors Affecting Diet Trends

Greater awareness about health and fitness is the major factor that has led to the people around the world to go for healthier diets and food options. Other factors include lower food prices and an increase in delivery-only food companies.

A diet rich in meat has always been popular around the world for its taste and health benefits, but it is getting difficult to cater to the world's rising demand for meat because of limitations of space and water. Therefore, people are opting for alternatives such as plant-based food that has the same smell and taste as meat.

Diet Predictions Made By Dieticians And Consultants

Michael Whiteman, the well-known food consultant and president of American consultancy Baum+ Whiteman, made his predictions of the nutrition trends for 2017. According to him, demand for vegetarian comfort food will be on the rise. Meat won't be left out however, as "butcher-to-table" meat coming from artisanal butcher shops will also make its way to people's stomachs.

Renowned dietitian Joanna McMillan from Australia suggests that people will tend to switch from an all-meat diet to vegetarian or preferably flexitarian diet.

"I support it too as most Aussies don't eat enough plant food and from an environmental and health perspective that shift is a positive one. We don't need to give up our meat, but we do need to ensure we balance it with plant foods and watch the overall increase in demand as populations grow," said McMillan.

McMillan also indicates the consumption of juices may go down as soups replace the latter. Soups, which are considered more fibrous, nutritious, digestive and free of fruit sugar, are likely to be better alternatives for fruit juices.

Food experts also hint on the replacement of meat food with plant-based food that smells and tastes like real meat. According to them, health-benefiting, functional food will be in demand as people become more health-conscious and look for evidence-based benefits. This adds up to the discovery of new vegetarian food options, including experimenting with the plentiful bush food available around us.

Food Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Food high in demand will be vegetables including seaweeds, beet greens, turnip greens, and bush food such as lemon myrtle, kakadu plums, and wattle seeds. Kale is going to take a back seat as newer vegan options take over the market. Plant-based, meat-like food will gain popularity and soups and dairy products will replace fruit juice diets.

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