Valve, like many others, has also caught up to the gift-giving mood this holiday season, officially opening up its annual Steam Winter sale, which includes a laundry list of titles running the spectrum of excellent to passable, all at discounted prices.

Steam players can land sweet deals on Firewatch, Doom, and a slew of other titles that might have skipped past players' radars this year.

Watch Dogs 2

For those who still haven't snagged a copy of Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2, a popular open-world title released this past November, this might be the best time to finally get it since it's currently $20 off on Steam.


The Doom reboot is also being offered for less than $20, a game described by Rock Paper Shotgun as the "best shooter of 2016." Doom is id Software's handiwork, with a story set in a demon-plagued Mars. The task? To kill them all. Simple, action-packed, straightforward, brutal, and going on for more than half off its original price — there's very little convincing left for players to get Doom. That is, if they haven't already downloaded it.

Additionally, previous titles in the Doom franchise are also being offered at extremely low prices.


For those looking for a more understated gaming experience, there's always Firewatch, an indie mystery replete with flair, which can be had for just $12.

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is an open world action-adventure set in a Mediterranean island, with the player tasked to overthrow the power-hungry General Di Ravello. The game is currently going for 75 percent off its original price.

Virtual Reality Titles On Sale

For those who shelled out quite a boatload of dollars for a VR-capable gaming rig, Steam also has VR titles up for sale, such as Serious Sam VR or Google's Tilt Brush.

Mortal Kombat X

There has been a boomlet of fighting games on Steam of late, and while Mortal Kombat X is certainly not seated atop the pile, its recently patched DLC version is more than passable. Players can snag the full game, along with its full DLC expansions for just $13.59.

Other Titles On Sale

Great deals pepper the breadth of Steam's fire sale, and here are some of the worthy ones plucked away from other crapshoots: Baldur's Gate II is now only $8, Project Cars is now only under $10, and Grim Dawn, one of the year's most acclaimed action-RPGs, is now only going for $13.74.

Visit Steam's Winter Sale page to scour through the deals. A lot of games not featured are on sale, and digging around for quite a bit should land players a few surprises here and there, so it always pays to do a rigorous perusal.

The Steam Winter Sale ends Jan. 2, 2017.

Any of these discounted titles sound good to you? Seen any good deals unmentioned here? Tell us in the comments section below!

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