One Dead, One Injured In Mexican Teenager's Viral Birthday Party


More than 20,000 people crashed a girl's quinceañera, or sweet 15th birthday fiesta, in Mexico after the video invitation to her birthday celebration went viral. The party, however, was marred by accidents. One person died and another was injured.

Coming-Of-Age Party

Quinceañeras are usually lavish coming-of-age parties for girls who turn 15 years old in Latin America. Families regardless of income strive to make their daughter feel like a princess on this day.

Invitation Went Viral Because Of Facebook Privacy Setting

Rubí Ibarra García's quinceañera was meant to be a local affair in the small town of La Joya, San Luis Potosí, home to only about 200 people, but it became a trending topic after the girl's parents, ranchers Crescencio and Anaelda, posted a video invitation on Facebook supposedly meant for friends and relatives. The privacy setting of the post, however, was set to public so the invitation, which promised a memorable party with horse race and cash prize, quickly went viral.

Popular Guests And Lavish Gifts

Given the buzz the party generated on social media, thousands of attendees from across Mexico and the United States came to the party. Local merchants offered wireless internet service and big companies in Mexico sponsored the event. Politicians and local celebrities also went to the party and presented the girl with gifts. One mayor gave Rubí a 2016 Chevrolet Spark.

Horse Race Accidents

The party had live music and a sit-down dinner was given to some guests but one person died and another was injured in the horse race.

The prosecutor's office said on Monday that Félix Peña was run over by his own horse during the race. He was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. The horse race was subsequently canceled.

Peña earlier told a local broadcaster that he was expecting his horse Oso Dormido, or Sleeping Bear, to win in the race.

"I'm not doing it for the [prize] money, I'm doing it for the fame and the glory," Peña said.

In a video, Peña can be seen rolling in the dust and horses kicking him up leaving him unconscious on the ground.

Peña stepped into the path of the animals. Bystanders said that he may have misjudged the distance as he attempted to cheer on his horse. One bystander, a 34-year-old man who also stepped into the path of the galloping horses, also suffered from a broken a leg.

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