Several reports of Nexus 6P units have recently been surfacing online, pitting the handsets with an alarming battery problem after the Android 7.0 Nougat update. The issue causes the phone to turn off even when the battery is still at 10 to 60 percent capacity level.

How prevalent the shutdown issue remains to be determined, but the main thread has garnered close to 900 comments as of Tuesday, Dec. 27, without counting Reddit threads, comments, and responses to publications who have reported about the issue.

Google's Response To The Nexus 6P Shutdown Issue

After numerous incidents, a Google employee has now responded to the shutdown issue, although specific solutions weren't exactly offered.

"We're very sorry for any inconvenience this issue has caused some of our Nexus 6P users," GoogleNexusCM, a verified Google employee, posted on Reddit, adding that customers who purchased the handset from the Google Store who are having issues with the device's battery performance should contact Google Store Support.

Reddit users quickly fumed at the seemingly dismissive pseudo-fix, vexed at the blatantly generic response. One user even noted that an hour was spent over the phone talking to Google Store support, the result of which was an additional three to five days of waiting before Google determines how to handle the case.

"This is going so poorly," said Reddit user B1tN1nja. "[The Nexus 6P] would be my last Nexus [phone] if they didn't already kill the product line."

The Cause Of The Nexus 6P Shutdown Issue

The aforementioned employee didn't elaborate on the possible cause of the shutdown issue, though it appears Google has already "investigated this issue with Huawei." Users link the issue to Nougat, but even those who have managed to flash back to Marshmallow still report persisting problems with the battery performance.

It appears that the software update might be holding under-the-surface processing that agitates the Nexus 6P's battery. Some users who have had their batteries replaced report that it fixes the issue, suggestive once again that the software might not be correctly optimizing the hardware, according to Android Police.

The issue has also been found to be more prevalent in locations with cold temperatures, with phones completely turning off despite still having 60 percent charge. The amount of potential inconveniences this could cause Nexus 6P owners deserves another article altogether, and Google's generic approach will definitely won't sit well with users soured by the shutdown issue.

Additionally, it doesn't help that its other smartphones, the Pixel and Pixel XL, are also not without its share of snags, some of which has yet to be resolved.

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