The world's first manned bipedal robot was revealed, and it looks like nothing else before it. The giant machine was built by a South Korean team of scientists, who decided to bring the science fiction into the real world and amaze everyone around.

The hype surrounding this project is as impressive as the dimensions of the robot, which stands at 13 feet tall.

Sci-Fi Robot, Now Part Of The Real World

It seems like Robotech world is just around the corner with the release of this project coordinated by Hankook Mirae Technology, which allows people to pilot the giant machine from the inside. The project has been going on for about a year, but the metal arms of the machine, weighing 300 pounds each, wouldn't let anyone figure that out.

However, if you've seen the sci-fi movie Avatar and enjoyed it, you may love the idea behind this ridiculously grand project.

"Our robot is the world's first manned bipedal robot and is built to work in extreme hazardous areas where humans cannot go (unprotected)," noted company chairman, Yang Jin-Ho, in a prepared statement.

The company did not work alone, as Hankook Mirae Technology has collaborated with Vitaly Bulgarov, who is a renowned SFX designer at Hollywood, having contributed to the creation of Terminator, Robocop, and Transformers. Since its creation back in 2014, the company has spent a solid $200 million and, although the building per se only took one year, the preparatory process was costly as well.

The design of the machine belongs to Bulgarov, whose experience in 3D-modeling speaks for itself. Aside from the very popular Hollywood movies, he has also contributed to the creation and design of some of the most popular video games, among which Starcraft, World of Warcraft (better known by its players as WOW), and Diablo. Before this project was released, the most recent round of applause for the designer came from his work on the movie Ghost In The Shell, which is to be released in 2017.

Fame And Controversy

According to the Yang, representatives from companies activating in various industries have already expressed their interest in the robot, asking about the development of future models. From construction to entertainment, a wide array of domains could highly benefit from using the machine.

Additionally, there have been rumors about the possibility of using the giant robot in combat, as military means are developing along with our technological improvements.

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