In a press event at CES 2017, Faraday Future finally unveiled its first production electric vehicle, named the FF 91.

Faraday Future showed off the FF 91's specifications and features at the press event, following up on the disastrous showing at CES 2016 when the company was only able to showcase a non-functional concept vehicle and not the company's long-awaited production model.

Faraday Future's FF 91: Specifications And Features

At its CES 2017 press event, Faraday Future revealed 12 prototypes of the all-wheel-drive FF 91, which packs 1,050 horsepower and is capable of going from zero to 60 miles per hour in only 2.39 seconds.

For those who are wondering, that zero to 60 mph time is slightly faster than the 2.5 seconds it takes for the Tesla Model S P100D in Ludicrous Mode. This is likely what is shown in the teaser video that Faraday Future released for the then-unknown electric vehicle in mid-December, as the car was shown beating the Tesla Model S P100D in a drag race.

The FF 91 is also capable of reaching an EPA-adjusted 378 miles on a single charge, which is farther than any distance offered by any other electric vehicle on a single charge and makes it competitive even against traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. The battery will be provided by LG Chem, which Faraday Future signed a partnership with in October 2016.

The electric vehicle is also touted to be a connected car, as drivers and passengers remain in contact with their digital lives while in the vehicle as they are able to access their favorite apps and content. The FF 91 comes with several CAT6 LTE modems and dual antennas for in-car Wi-Fi to make such connectivity possible.

Also integrated into the FF 91's system is artificial intelligence, which will allow the vehicle to learn about the driver in order to offer a more personalized driving experience. The car, described by Faraday Future director Hong Bae as the "smartest car you'll ever drive," does not have keys as it will be unlocked by facial recognition, and also comes with a driverless valet feature to have the vehicle park itself.

The FF 91 will also come with self-driving capabilities, as it is equipped with 10 external cameras, 13 short-range and long-range radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a 3D LIDAR system.

Faraday Future, however, did not reveal a retail price for the FF 91. Instead, it has started offering interested buyers a chance to put down a $5,000 deposit for the vehicle, which it said would be shipping in 2018.

Make Or Break For Faraday Future

Reports have claimed that Faraday Future has been in trouble, with the construction of its $1 billion factory in Nevada said to have been paused due to debt reaching hundreds of millions of dollars.

This is the first production vehicle that Faraday Future has unveiled, and it is largely seen as a make or break situation for the embattled company. A former executive told The Verge that, if the company would not be able to raise money after CES 2017, it will be running out of funds.

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