For its press conference at CES 2017, it did not take long for Samsung to discuss the issue that is at the top of the mind of the attendees and consumers all over the world.

The issue, of course, is the Galaxy Note 7 debacle that plagued Samsung for most of 2016.

Samsung Apologizes For Galaxy Note 7 At CES 2017

When Samsung Electronics America President and COO Tim Baxter stepped onto the stage, he set the tone of the whole presentation by starting his speech with the acknowledgement of the Galaxy Note 7 recall.

"As you know, this year was a challenging year for Samsung," Baxter said, adding that some of the people in attendance at CES 2017 might have been directly impacted by the recall that was launched for the Galaxy Note 7, and likely all having seen the heavy media coverage that the issue received.

Baxter promised that Samsung has reflected upon its experience over the past year, while also listening to the feedback that it has received to make improvements to the company. Baxter added that Samsung will not stop innovating despite the setback that is the Galaxy Note 7, with the company increasing its market share in the United States for products such as TVs, washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances.

Samsung To Soon Explain Cause of Galaxy Note 7 Explosions

One other thing that Baxter mentioned during his opening speech is that Samsung will soon be reporting on the root cause of the problem that caused the batteries of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to explode and catch fire.

While the term "soon" does not really offer a definite timeline for when Samsung will be able to release the findings of its investigation, it does indicate that at the very least, the company is close to coming up with a definite answer.

Baxter's statement coincides with a previous report that Samsung will be announcing the results of its probe into the Galaxy Note 7 explosions before the end of January.

Samsung Moving Forward Into 2017

While the Galaxy Note 7 debacle has effectively ended due to the update being rolled out by Samsung through carriers in the United States preventing the smartphone from being charged up, the results of the investigation into the explosions are still important for both the company and its customers.

The investigation will allow Samsung to regain the trust of consumers by showing that it has determined what the problem was and that it will be implementing measures to ensure that the issue will not happen again.

Rumors surrounding the company's next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, have promised a powerful smartphone, with one report claiming that it will be able to offer a PC-like full desktop experience. However, in order for Samsung to find success with the Galaxy S8 and all its future devices, it will first need to prove that exploding batteries are a thing of the past.

Once the company has done so, it can finally begin looking ahead into 2017, beyond the Galaxy Note 7 debacle of last year and toward the Galaxy S8.

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