Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S8 will apparently pack the same Samsung SDI batteries found in the explosive Galaxy Note 7, according to a new report.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made quite some waves in 2016 with its exploding batteries, prompting the company to recall the device not once, but twice. The Samsung SDI batteries, however, may not be at fault.

Upon recalling the product the first time, Samsung initially blamed the explosive fiasco on the battery units made by Samsung SDI. Samsung then put the Galaxy Note 7 back on the market, this time with Amperex batteries on board, only to face the same issues and lead to a second recall.

Galaxy S8 Battery From Samsung SDI

Considering that the Galaxy Note 7 kept posing the same problems with both Samsung SDI and Amperex batteries, it seems that the issue lies elsewhere. Samsung has launched an internal probe into the Galaxy Note 7 disaster and is set to release its findings later this month, but it seems the company is still confident that Samsung SDI batteries are safe.

With this in mind, a new report out of Korea now reveals that the battery for the next-generation Samsung Galaxy S8 will come from Samsung SDI.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Production: 10 Million Units

A separate report, meanwhile, claims that Samsung is gearing up to produce 10 million Galaxy S8 units in time for the smartphone's expected debut in April. This indicates that Samsung has not lost confidence in its products and it's expecting high demand for the Galaxy S8 flagship despite the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Samsung reportedly gave its suppliers a production plan earlier this month, detailing that the first batch of components will hit manufacturing plants in February and mass production will kick off in March. These plans would fall in line with the rumored April unveiling, potentially explaining why Samsung delayed the Galaxy S8 release.

As for the 10 million units figure, it's not random. Samsung sold a whopping 10 million Galaxy S7 series smartphones during the first month of availability, setting a new record for the company. With 10 million units reportedly planned for the Galaxy S8 release, it seems that Samsung is confident that its new flagship smartphone will be at least as successful as its previous one.

With many Galaxy Note 7 (former) owners looking for another high-end smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S8 could turn out to be a popular hit if it doesn't come with major issues like the ill-fated phablet. Samsung still enjoys strong brand loyalty, at least in the United States, and the right mix of powerful specs and features could be just what it needs to ride the Galaxy S8 to glory and recoup some of the money it lost over the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Meanwhile, Galaxy S8 rumors are piling up and hint at a real powerhouse with top-notch specs and features all around. After the Galaxy Note 7 failure, Samsung truly needs a powerful flagship to recover and it's reportedly going all in with the Galaxy S8, adding substantial upgrades in virtually every area.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that Samsung has yet to make an official announcement in this regard, so a hefty grain of salt is advised.

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