Mobile devices are getting more advanced and with that comes security threat. Synaptics offers a solution by merging various human interface verification processes and packed it inside handheld devices for easier use while increasing the safety of users.

The new multifactor biometric fusion engine combines fingerprint authentication and facial recognition for improved security. Synaptics, a well-known human interface solutions developer, will develop the new system.

Improved Usability

One major benefit of the multifactor fusion engine is the enhanced security that will apply not just to mobile devices but to tablets and notebooks as well. It is also expected to improve the usability of devices. Users can now choose their preferred security feature to use in different conditions such as facial recognition when wearing gloves.

Enhanced Security

In terms of financial use, the new multifactor biometric fusion engine requires multiple authentications before completing a sensitive transaction. This means the user might be asked for both the facial and fingerprint scan to complete a command.

SentryPoint, known for its fingerprint authentication system, supported Synaptics in the development of its new multifactor biometrics.

"Synaptics' Natural ID fingerprint sensors are already significantly more secure and convenient than typed passwords, and by adding multi-factor biometrics users achieve a whole new level of exceptional device- and application-level authentication," said Anthony Gioeli, vice president of marketing, Biometrics Product Division, Synaptics. "Phase one of our fusion engine is focused on fingerprint and facial, and future iterations will include additional biometric and security factors," Gioeli added.

KeyLemon, on the other hand, collaborated with Synaptics for the camera-based facial recognition and authentication system to integrate the technology to the Natural ID fingerprint authentication.

"Integrating our advanced technologies enables an unsurpassed mixture of security and user convenience for trusted authentication in mobile payments, banking, and other content sensitive transactions," said Gilles Florey, CEO, KeyLemon.

Will It Work?

Despite its promising offer, some IT experts are hesitant about the accuracy of the new fusion engine with combined fingerprint and facial recognition system. Engadget says the use of both systems at once may result to "less-than-perfect". However, this may only be confirmed after the system rolls out in the market.

Last year, Synaptics unveiled its USB fingerprint scanner for PCs that also adds a layer of safety for desktop computers. Reports say that the company's Force-touch technology is also being developed for cars to help drivers in using devices while on the road.

If the new multifactor fusion engine proved to be an effective way of securing devices, then the consumers are about to say goodbye to passwords for good.

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