A recent study reveals a connection between living in close proximity to a busy road and an increased risk for developing dementia.

Of the 6.6 million people in Canada that researchers followed for a decade, 243,611 of them contracted dementia between 2001 and 2012.

Digging further into the results, researchers mapped out the postal codes of dementia patients and found a 7 percent higher risk for dementia for those who lived 50 meters (164 feet) from a busy road. They also found the risk for developing dementia lessened as the distance of residence from a traffic-heavy road grew.

While still little is known about the reduction of the risk for dementia, the study opens up the conversation about how living near busy traffic, given all the noise and chaos, negatively affects one's health.

With this in mind, we look at how to keep the chaos out of your home. Here are some tips on how to reduce noise pollution if you live near a bustling roadway:

Soundproofing Your Area

While professional soundproofing jobs such as those in recording studios could be a little pricey, there are ways to give your space a little peace and quiet even with noisy neighbors or passersby. Strategically placing furniture on shared walls can lessen the noise from neighbors. The use of rugs and curtains can also reduce outside noise. Shutting the door leading to the cause of the disturbance will also help lessen its volume. These steps will not completely remove the noise but can significantly reduce it.

Meditate And Play Calming Sounds In Your Home

When soundproofing just isn't enough to keep you relaxed, you can replace the destructive sounds with soothing ones that can drown out the noise. Some people opt to use apps that offer a variety of calming sounds such as the sound of ocean waves. Others even download apps that will help them to meditate and clear their minds amid the noise. Placing nature-themed displays in your home such as a small fountain or chimes can also help alleviate the agitation caused by noise pollution.

Use Earplugs for Night or Day

If nighttime does not lessen the noise in your community, the use of earplugs can greatly assist in reducing the amount of noise in your surroundings. They are not exclusively meant for sleep, though, as you can also use them for any time of the day that you need a little extra help in finding peace and quiet.

When All Else Fails, Move

If none of the noise-reducing steps above worked, then maybe the prospect of finding another home may be the best option. This time, choosing a home in a quieter neighborhood is key. A home in a location that does not cater to noise pollution will not just give you a little peace but may keep you healthy as well.

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