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Engineers Develop Acoustic Metamaterial That Can Cancel 94 Percent Of Sound

Loud noises can be reduced up to 94 percent using metamaterials created through 3D printing. Researchers at Boston University said this technology helps create peace and quiet amid the busy industrial life.

Material Science March 11, 2019

Shipping Noise Makes Male Humpback Whales Change Their Song: Study

The main source of ocean noise in recent years is presumed to be commercial ships. There is concern over its effects on marine animals, particularly in cetaceans that rely on sound for many things.

Animals October 28, 2018

Underwater Noise Pollution Is Stressing Out Aquatic Animals: Humans Are Encroaching Into Their World

The ocean may seem like a quiet place, but it is now noisier than ever thanks to humans. Noise created by machines and developments on the waterfront are increasing sounds in the sea and stressing aquatic animals.

Animals April 17, 2018

Noise Pollution May Increase Risk Of Heart Disease

Exposure to noise was linked to increased risk for irregular heart rhythms and high blood pressure. What is the level of noise that can increase a person's odds for heart disease?

Public Health February 6, 2018

Noise Pollution From Oil And Gas Operations Causes PTSD-like Symptoms In Birds

Even the most noise-tolerant bird species are stressed by industrial noise pollution from oil and gas companies and the effects on them are precarious. Noise pollution, according to a study, is causing PTSD-like symptoms in birds that affect their reproduction.

Animals January 11, 2018

Study Reveals How Bad Man-Made Noise Pollution Is For Protected Natural Areas In The US

Scientists discovered that human noise was almost double the amount of natural sounds in most national parks and animal reserves. This noise was harmful for the wildlife and disrupted their normal activities.

Earth/Environment May 5, 2017

How To Reduce Noise Pollution At Home

A recent study shows that living near areas with busy traffic can increase people's risk for dementia. Find out how you can tackle the problem of noise pollution at home.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 6, 2017

Noise Pollution Affects Animal Communication, Dulls Bird Response To Alarm Calls: Study

New research suggests that birds have a lower response rate to alarm calls, no thanks to noise pollution in the environment. Traffic noise plays an important role when it comes to the birds' capacity to comprehend messages, which can put them in danger.

Earth/Environment December 31, 2016

The Deepest Part Of The Ocean Is Still A Noisy Place

Scientists once believed that the deepest part of the ocean is peaceful. However, a hydrophone recorded vast sounds coming both from natural sources and man-made noises.

Earth/Environment March 3, 2016

Noise Pollution From Motorboats Gives Predators Deadly Advantage Over Small Fish

Marine noise pollution are killing small fishes. Adequate measures should be undertaken to manage local environmental stressors like noise to avert negative effects on marine life.

Animals February 9, 2016

Ship Noise Harms Ability Of Endangered Killer Whales To Hear Each Other In The Pacific Ocean

A new study found that ship noise can impair endangered killer whales' ability to communicate and find prey. Researchers found that ship noise can extend from low to high frequency, which the orcas use to communicate.

Earth/Environment February 3, 2016

Specially-Designed Parks Could Cut Down On Noise Pollution From Airports

Airport noise is becoming more of a problem as cities get larger. Could building parks be the answer?

June 17, 2015

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