Surprises continue to roll out from the CES 2017 as the tech world prepares to be greeted by yet another novel offering - the Bellus3D Face Camera, which could potentially revolutionize scanning of 3D face models.

On Thursday, Jan. 5, Bellus3D - a Silicon Valley-based startup - launched the Face Camera at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

The Face Camera is essentially an accessory that can be attached to one's smartphone and is then able to scan the person's face swiftly, creating a 3D image which is realistic looking in the process.

"Bellus3D Face Camera is an easy-to-use, high-quality, and affordable 3D face scanning camera for mobile devices," notes the company.

The Face Camera's patent-pending technology works on the principle of calibrating and integrating the scanned face, using its depth sensors and then creating a life-like model of one's face. It is a miniature external camera which can be connected to the smartphone using a USB connector.

The Face Camera operates on two technologies created by Bellus3D - DepthShape and PhotoShape. A combination of these technologies not only helps detect, but also measure nearly 500,000 3D points on a person's face. Once the Face Camera has completed this process, it creates a realistic face model or a scanned model, which can be deployed in several areas such as cartoons, facial recognition systems and gaming.

DepthShape basically uses an infrared light-sensor to enable micro scanning upto 0.4 mm resolution, whereas PhotoShape increases the front camera resolution of one's device. The latter detects finer details of a user's face such as wrinkles and pores. The LED ring light ensures that the user's face is perfectly lit whenever the camera is being used for 3D scanning purposes.

The Face Camera also comes with two 1.2MP infrared sensors, a 1.2MP color sensor and an external color camera which ranges from 2MP to 20MP. It is also equipped with two infrared light projectors, a working range of 25 centimeters to 1 millimeter and an optional LED ring attachment. It has a USB connector as well.

How Does The Face Camera Work?

Since the Face Camera has been designed to self-scan, the user will merely need to attach the accessory to their mobile device and tilt their head from left to right. The 3D face model of the user would get created in a matter of seconds!

How Can It Be Used In The Future?

The Face Camera has immense potential and can be used effectively in the following areas:

Virtual Makeup

The Face Camera may be used to try out new looks and make up on your face virtually; therefore, eliminating the tedium of the actual process. You can also view your make up from different angles and light conditions. 

Customized Gaming Experiences

You can use Face Camera to create your own virtual gaming avatar, which will carry your own face, lending a realistic touch to the gaming experience. ​ 


The Face Camera is equipped with a ready-to-print module, which enables you to easily get a high resolution three-dimensional print of your face.

Cosmetic Surgery

Face Camera will enable doctors to analyze a patient's face before a facial reconstruction and determine the probable outcome after the same. While not entirely reliable, this may give an inkling into what the patient will look like post the surgery.

Facial Recognition Technology

The release of the Face Camera is likely to boost the facial recognition technology, as this will enable in-depth and detailed analysis of one's face to strengthen the security of a laptop or a smartphone.​


Even though Bellus3D has not specified an exact release date for the Face Camera, tech geeks all over the world are on tenterhooks to lay their hands on this nifty accessory. Will the Bellus3D Face Camera take the selfie game to the next level? We can only wait and watch.

Check out a short video of the Bellus3D Face Camera.

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