If you have an iPhone but remain unimpressed by what the Apple Watch can do, then soon you will be able to choose from Samsung's smartwatch line of Gear S2, Gear Fit 2, or the new Gear S3 — without worrying about compatibility, that is.

These three wearables are set to become compatible with the iPhone. This is great news for people who have taken a dislike to Apple's rectangular smartwatch, and for those who prefer Samsung's classic round-faced versions that look a lot more like traditional watches.

Samsung announced plans to provide support for Samsung Gear devices on the iOS platform as early as 2015 and, in November 2016, it signed up beta testers for its Gear Manager app. We hadn't heard an update about this from Samsung until now.

Samsung Will Be Coming Out With App That Syncs Watch With iPhone

Samsung will be allowing support for the iOS on its range of smartwatches. The company will be releasing an official Samsung Gear S app on Apple's App Store and Samsung store. The mobile app will allow users to easily sync their iPhones to a Samsung smartwatch.

Once the app has been downloaded, just click on the "Connect to Gear" button for the iPhone to automatically sync with the smartwatch. For the app to work on iOS, you will need to use an iPhone 5 or later models, and the phone needs to be running on at least an iOS 9.0.

Samsung's latest smartwatch, the Gear S3, has been well received since its launch. On paper, there is not a lot of difference between its two models — the Frontier and the Classic — except in the looks department. The Frontier has a rubberized strap and is more rugged-looking, while the Classic comes with a black leather strap and has a more refined design.

Samsung App Coming To App Store Soon

If you are an iPhone owner who does not like the design of the Cupertino-made watch, or if you are looking for a different brand to adorn your wrist, the Samsung Gear S3 is a great alternative.

Samsung has not made a final announcement on when the app will be available for download, but it should come soon enough. According to a Samsung representative: "We are in the final stages of testing and look forward to introducing iOS compatibility across our wearable portfolio very soon."

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