After months of making consumers anxious for a new laptop, Samsung has finally unveiled the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro at CES 2017.

Soon after the unveiling, Tech Times compared the two Chromebooks with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and, as expected, the Surface Pro had it in the bag when it came to performance.

The ChromeBook Plus, however, won the price challenge since it will retail for $449.99. That's actually not surprising given the different markets the three devices seem to be targeting.

It is important to note, however, that the main difference between the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus are their processors, with Pro using an Intel Core m3 and Plus with an OP1 Hexa-core (Dual A72, Quad A53) ARM processor made for Chromebooks. Other than that, the rest of the specifications are practically the same.

With that out of the way, it is now time to find out if the new Samsung Chromebooks are really worth considering after tech experts tested the Android devices out.

Kevin Lee - TechRadar

Kevin Lee only handled the Samsung Chromebook Plus during his hands-on testing, perhaps because the two models share almost every specification. But he was quite impressed with the Pro's capability.

"The Samsung Chromebook Pro breaks new ground for Chrome OS with a built-in stylus and paired with Google Keep, it could be the best tablet-laptop for managing our lives. Aside from the unique built-in pen, this is one of the best built Chromebooks yet with a high-res screen designed to consume media on the web," Lee wrote.

Dan Seifert - The Verge

Dan Seifert believes that the two Chromebooks may be good competition for the iPad Pro and Surface Pro, which is actually saying a lot considering the huge differences in price. He also added that the stylus was comfortable to use in both the Pro and Plus versions and that the build and performance of both were satisfactory.

"Whether or not these new Chromebooks ignite a fire among consumers remains to be seen, but they do appear to be competent devices with fewer restrictions than earlier ChromeOS machines," Seifert noted.

Max Parker - Trusted Reviews

Max Parker tested both the Pro and Plus models and was also satisfied with much of the results. The only disappointment was the keypad and track pad, which he felt was not really that satisfactory, though he did not rule both out as deal breakers. In terms of performance, however, he was happy with both Chromebooks.

"There's a lot to like about Samsung's new Chromebooks, and I think they're the perfect Android tablet replacement. The screen is great; battery seems decent; and there's enough grunt under the hood to get the job done," said Parker.


GSMArena tested both Chromebook models and said that, with the right price, these two hybrids can really compete with the iPad Pro and Surface Pro. GSMArena also provided the GIF below to show the Chormebook's responsiveness to the stylus.

"Overall, the Chromebook Pro stands a solid chance at being a real competitor to the popular iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface 4. Especially, if Samsung gets the price right," reported GSMArena.

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