Samsung's All-In-One PC Looks Like A Sound Bar With A Monitor


During CES 2017, Samsung announced a slew of new laptops. The Notebook Odyssey, Chromebook Pro, and Notebook 9 all made their debut at the tradeshow.

However, amidst these slim contenders, a rather large computer also made its presence known. Dubbed the All-in-One PC (or the ArtPC), this computer seems to have just about everything a user needs, compiled into one package.

Everything You Need Under One Roof

Introduced in two videos released by the company, the All-in-One PC comes in two flavors — either with or without a touch screen. It seems that only the touch-screen version supports Windows Hello, which allows users to access the PC via infrared camera. Other than that, however, the rest of the specifications remain the same.

Let's start with the external components. Both versions feature a 24-inch HD display that's connected to a soundbar that has two 10-watt speakers. This gives the PC a weird shape by making it seem that the screen is protruding from the soundbar itself. The speakers can be used to play music via Bluetooth even when the PC is turned off. Not only that, but the All-in-One PC also includes a wireless keyboard that features curved keycaps and a wireless mouse, both of which save you from having to manage those pesky cables.

Now let's take a look inside the computer. Within this PC lies a 2.4GHz Intel Core i5-7400T processor that has up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB 5400RPM hard disk drive, giving you ample storage space and enough memory to handle a lot of programs at once. For those who plan to use the PC for gaming, the All-in-One also has an Intel HD Graphics 630 built-in graphics card, which isn't bad at all.

Apart from all this, the PC also includes a headphone/mic combo input, one USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0 port, HDMI in and out, and an SD card reader.

A Sneaky Giant Falls Under The Radar

Though the PC made its appearance at the event, not many people gave it much attention. That, coupled with the two short videos released by Samsung, makes the All-in-One PC quite a mystery as of the moment.

A representative from Samsung even stated that there are still no plans to sell the PC as of the moment, leaving both pricing and a release date up in the air for now.

Do you want to see this computer out on the market? Have any thoughts on the weird design? Drop a note in the comments section to let us know!

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