For years Ryan Bowen planned to create an impressive mech costume for Halloween, inspired by one of his favorite video games from high school. When Ryan and his wife learned they were having a child, he got to work on what is probably the best father-son costume ever created -- the MechDaddy.

The MechDaddy is now fully operational and piloted by none other than Ryan's son Geraint. Inspired by Sunder mech from the MechWarrior game series, this costume is a fine piece of work and without question puts Bowen in the running for "coolest dad" of the year.

As detailed in this image gallery on imgur by Bowen's wife, Ryan crafted the MechDaddy from cardboard boxes that originally included baby supplies for the couple.

"Ryan sketched out the rough designs probably two months before Geraint was born," Ryan's wife says in the post. "With so much baby stuff coming in the mail, we had plenty of boxes for him to work with, so he just had to buy a few things to make it."

He built the frame out of PVC and wrapped the cardboard shell around it, fastening it with zipties and adding foam pieces to give the suit a 3D effect. His arms go into the gun pods and Geraint rides in a baby harness in the front, giving the appearance that Geraint is in control of the suit. Ryan can barely be seen under the cardboard mech.

It's truly an awesome piece of work, made even more awesome by the fact that it would have been very easy for Bowen to make a mech costume without involving his six-month-old son. Nobody will ever be able to deny this kid candy on Halloween, and for Ryan's inspirational effort, his work will forever go down in "awesome dad" history.

Photos: PutABowOnIt via Imgur

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