The battery life of Android smartphones is set to receive a new lease of life thanks to the Next Lock Screen app from Microsoft.

The app safeguards one's Android smartphone against unauthorized access and now thanks to a new update, the app will enhance the device's battery life when Next Lock Screen is in use.

"Next Lock Screen is the ultimate lock screen for busy professionals. Next helps protect your phone from unwanted access by others, and you are instantly more productive. It is an excellent productivity locker app and companion for your everyday life," notes the app's description.

The latest update bumps up the version of the Next Lock Screen app to 3.11.2. The app was updated on Jan. 8 according to Google Play Store.

What More Does The Update Bring?

The Next Lock Screen app will enable users to launch their favorite applications inside the app itself. This feature assists one in opening apps like Camera, Flashlight, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from within the app.

It also allows users to see and control their favorite songs and playlists, as it offers support for several music apps such as Pandora, Audible and Spotify.

The latest update to the Next Lock Screen app from Microsoft makes the app a lot more enhanced. 

Developers have revealed that the Next Lock Screen will be using Wi-Fi and not GPS to pinpoint a location. This feature on the app would undoubtedly help the device in saving a lot of battery.

Users complaining of various bugs like random crashes are also going to breathe a sigh of relief as the new update will fix this issue.

The Next Lock Screen is a part of the Microsoft Garage project. This is not the first time Microsoft has brought such impressive and significant changes to Next Lock Screen as part of a major update. Version 2.6 was the last update for the device and it brought support for features such as the geo-sensitive function. The same version enabled users to customize their wallpapers depending on their location. Users could also choose various wallpapers for auto, home or work.

Many other features of the Next Lock Screen such as the App shortcuts, Weather, Music Controls, Calendar, Flashlight, Quick Access to the camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi continue to remain the same post the update.

The Next Lock Screen app is available as a free download from the Play Store and is compatible with Android devices running Android 4.1 or above.

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