Continuing the trend among tech companies, Amazon's recently published workforce diversity report reveals that the company is mostly made up of white males.

The report reveals that over Amazon's global workforce, 63 percent are male. In terms of race and ethnicity, 60 percent are white, 15 percent are black, and 13 percent are Asian.

When only the managers among Amazon's employees are taken into consideration, male domination increases as males occupy 75 percent of managerial positions.

White people also increase their lead when only managerial positions are taken into account, with 71 percent of managers being white. However, the second spot is taken by Asians, taking up 18 percent of managerial positions, while black people only take up 4 percent.

Amazon's publication of its workforce diversity figures follows the reports disclosed by other tech companies, including Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Compared to other tech companies, however, it appears that Amazon has a slightly more diverse workforce. Reports from Facebook, Google and Twitter disclosed that only 30 percent of their workforce are female and only two percent are black.

Amazon is more in line with the workforce diversity reported by rival e-commerce company eBay, which reported that 42 percent of its employees are female and that seven percent of its employees in the United States are black. The company also detailed several programs that it is implementing to promote and celebrate diversity among employees.

The online retailer has several Affinity Groups, which have the central function of bringing employees of a specific classification together across the company's business units and geographical locations. These groups allow the employees to make their voice heard in terms of how to shape the environment that they are working in.

Through the groups, Amazon said that employees are given the opportunity to express important insights regarding diversity efforts that Amazon should focus on. The groups, sponsored by the company and its executives, also play a significant part in building up networks internally for the career development of Amazon employees, along with creating connections with external communities.

In addition to the Affinity Groups, Amazon also put focus on providing employment opportunities to military veterans. In fact, the company has been named one of the top employers of military veterans over the past three years by the U.S. Veterans Magazine and G.I. Jobs.

Amazon is also implementing the Amazon Career Choice Program, which is an education program that pre-pays 95 percent of all educational fees of an employee up to a yearly amount of $3,000 over four years for academic courses that are connected to fields that are high in demand, even if they are not related to skills required in Amazon.

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