Apple's next-gen flagship iPhone 8 could pack in novel way to charge the device's battery.

Apple is anticipated to unwrap its iPhone 8 in the second half of 2017. Leaks pertaining to the handset are swirling online and the latest buzz is that the iPhone 8 will offer wireless charging technology support.

The iPhone 8 would come with a wireless charging range of 15 feet, where a small chip on the handset would connect wirelessly to the base station and the device would automatically begin charging.

As reported by Tech Times in November 2016, Apple is looking to equip some module into the handset that could connect to a transmitter, which will be pluggable and can be inserted into a wall outlet. Thanks to this setup, the smartphone would be able to charge easily but only if it is within the 15 feet range.

Rumors have been rife that Apple has been quietly working with its partners in the United States and Asia to make the wireless technology support for its devices available in 2017.

Now with rumors of Apple equipping the next-gen iPhone 8 with a stainless steel body instead of aluminum, speculations are rife that this change may have something to do with the wireless tech it has in the pipeline.

How It Works

The use of stainless steel chassis would give the device several advantages, including increased strength because of the forging process.

Apple has shifted to the all-glass construction for the iPhone 8. The handset will deploy toughened glass for both the rear and front panels, as well cram the central chassis made from forged steel in between.

The shift from a metal back plate to a glass one would offer the new handset a sleek outlook, as well as facilitate wireless charging.

A metal back plate would slow down the electromagnetic induction unlike a glass back. Therefore, if Apple is eyeing wireless charging for the iPhone 8, discarding metal for glass makes sense.

The method for wireless charging suggests that the current passes via a coil of wires in the charging base. It is through electromagnetic induction that the current gets generated in any coil of wire, which is close to the charging base. This current can eventually be used to charge the device's battery.

Benefits Of Wireless Charging

The issues of low battery life could be resolved with the help of this wireless charging support that the iPhone 8 is rumored to bring. Even when one is on the move, they will be able to charge their handset. The method is not cumbersome and means that there will be no more tangled wires or iPhone chargers that are getting frayed!

The Quick Charge method may also be used by the iPhone 8 so that the battery can get charged quickly.

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